Chapter 5:Team KNDM and Secret no more

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Okay so now it's time for the teams to be formed! How will this turn out and what secrets will be revealed? Also will Liam have a run in with figures from his past?
Liam stood backstage as Ozpin announced the teams that were being formed from the new students. Team RWBY was lead by his former sister and Yang was also on the team along with the Schnee and cat Faunus. His little sister was on a team lead by that Jaune guy, the hyper active ginger and the quiet guy. Liam waited for the moment Ozpin would bring up Zane and Kairi so he could reveal himself finally. "Next Zane Goodwitch and Kairi Lockhart would you please come to the stage." Ozpin announced as the young Keyblade wielders made their way on stage.
                     "Now under normal circumstances I would have to send both of you home for not having enough members. Although given the skill you showed in the forest I have decided to place you on team KNDM." Muttering broke out amongst the people in the audience at the mention of the two man team that was known as "Beacon's Power Couple." Ozpin waited for the room to settle down before continuing his speech. "Now would the team in question please come out and introduce themselves?" Ozpin said as the hooded figure and Neo made their way on stage.
"Hello my name is Neo, member of Team KNDM and this hunk's girlfriend!" Neo's sign typed out as she wrapped her arm around Liam's lovingly. A large number of the boys in the school grumbled in jealousy at the site of Neo clinging to the hooded man. "Okay so I guess it's my turn then?" The hooded man said as he stepped forward before ripping off the cloak revealing his identity to everyone. "My name is Liam Nikos, the older brother of Pyrrha Nikos and the leader of Team KNDM." Liam introduced himself as a few girls cat called him. Although Liam also heard two gasps from the audience of two particular girls started to get teary eyed at the site of him.
"Mr. Nikos why don't you show them your weapon?" Ozpin suggested as Liam summoned his Keyblade. "This is Way to the Dawn, my Keyblade. Zane, Kairi, and myself are apart of the rare few who can wield these powerful weapons. Be warned if any of you try to harm to anyone on these school grounds well you'll answer to me!" Liam said in a dark tone which scared everyone present in the auditorium. "Now then everyone is dismissed to your dorms." Ozpin announced as everyone began to exit the auditorium, although Liam noticed Yang and Ruby waiting by the entrance for him. "Alright everyone let's take a shortcut." Liam said as his teammates latched onto him as they sank into Ozpin's shadow.
                    Liam and his team climbed out of Pyrrha's shadow much to the shock of her teammates. "W-What the heck?!" Jaune said in surprise at the site of the four people climbing out of Pyrrha's shadow. "Hey little sis, so these your teammates?" Liam asked as he looked the the other members over. "So Liam mind explaining the sudden shadow travel out?" Zane asked in confusion as he looked at his best friend. "Those two girls standing by the exit were my former sisters." Liam stated calmly as Zane bristled in anger. "Are you telling me that I saved one of those bitches?!" Zane growled out in anger at what Liam just said.
"Liam!" Liam turned around to see Yang and Ruby running towards him as fast as they could. Yang grabbed Liam by the collar and lifted him up as her eyes turned red. "You bastard! Why did you run away from home?!" Yang shouted as she held Liam up. "Well Miss Xiao Long it appears your temper and old habits are still strong within you." Liam said calmly as Yang dropped him immediately as her eyes went back to normal as she began to cry. "N-No Liam I didn't mean to." Yang stuttered out nervously as she tried to stop crying. "What's done is done Yang there's no changing the past." Liam states as he walked back to his group.
"Big brother wait please!" Ruby begged as she charged forward using her semblance in attempt to grab him. Although Ruby was sent flying to the ground by a punch to the face. Ruby looked up only to see Pyrrha standing over her with a murderous aura around her. "You two have no right to call him your brother! You hurt him so much throughout the ten years he lived with you and now you want forgiveness?! Stay away from my big brother or I swear I'll rip you both apart!" Pyrrha threatened as she glared at both of them as Yang got angry at her words. "He's our brother not yours!" Yang yelled as her eyes turned red once again.
Yang tried to punch Pyrrha but her attack was blocked by Liam's Keyblade before she was kicked away. "Miss Xiao Long I am a patient man, but I will not tolerate anyone trying to harm my baby sister." Liam said in a dark tone as he glared at Yang. "B-But I am your little sister!" Yang shouted both in anger and sadness as she looked at Liam in disbelief. "Listen you can say that your sorry, but it won't matter after everything that's happened. Liam Rose died six years ago and he was reborn as Liam Nikos. I was lost in the darkness, but a friend that is very dear to me showed me light once more." Liam said as Zane smiled happily at his friend's words.
Liam looked at his former sisters as they still had hope in their eyes that they could get their brother back. "The Liam you know is gone. The Liam in front of you has a loving family, amazing friends and a better outlook on life. Unlike the Liam that you broke to the point it was either run away from that hell or take his own life." Liam said gently as he turned to walk away from the two of them. Yang once again got angry as she shakily stood up and glared at Liam. "Do we mean nothing to you? Do you not care about us or how we feel?!" Yang roared in anger as Liam stopped walking away before looking over his shoulder with a dark look in his eye.
"Why should I care about you when you never cared about me?" Liam asked coldly before continuing to walk away with the rest of the group. Yang and Ruby burst into tears as they let what Liam just said to them sink in although they found two people standing over them. "What was that all about!?!?" Weiss shouted at her teammates in disbelief as Blake tried to calm her down. "Weiss it was a mistake! We didn't mean to hurt the way we did!" Ruby pleaded as she continued to cry after the encounter with her brother. "What you did to him was no mistake, just be glad he doesn't seem to hold a grudge against you two." Blake said before she and Weiss walked away, leaving the two sisters all alone.
Liam walked to his dorm after parting ways with his sister's team and currently had his arm being held hostage by Neo. "I'm proud of you Liam! You didn't lose your cool on them at all, you really have grown." Kairi said happily as she smiled at her friend as she patted him on the back. "Like I said Kairi it's in the past, you can't change it." Liam said casually as he continued to walk down the hall to they're dorm. "I swear those two have some nerve asking for forgiveness after everything they did along with their family!" Zane growled out angrily as he punched the Palm of his hand. "Don't let it get to you Zane, I'll be fine." Liam said as he smiled at his friend.
"What if they call the rest of their family and tell them your here?" Neo's sign typed out as she looked at her boyfriend in worry. "Let them come, they'll get the same answer Ruby and Yang did. Besides I have all of you by my side so I've got nothing to worry about." Liam said as he smiled at his teammates with confidence. Neo planted a kiss on Liam's lips as he happily returned the gesture. "Oh god would you to get a room!" Zane said as he mock gagged at his friends kissing. "What are you jealous?" Liam asked as he gave Zane a smug grin. "You did not just go there Nikos!" Zane shouted as he chased his friend down the hall.
Summer sat in the room that once belonged to her son as she wrapped the ratty old blanket that was his bed around her in comfort. "My sweet little boy please come back so mamma can tell you how sorry she is." Summer thought to herself as she gently cried into the blanket gently. Suddenly her scroll began to ring as she pulled out only to see that Ruby was calling her. "Hey sweetie! How's your time at Beacon going?" Summer asked shakily as she tried to hide her sadness from her daughter. "Mom Liam is here at Beacon, Yang and I ran into him." Summer's heart stopped at her daughter's words, Liam was at Beacon?
               "M-My baby boy is at Beacon?!" Summer said in disbelief as she began to cry gently. "Yeah he's the leader of the school's top team and he's in his second year, but he wasn't to happy to see us." Ruby said sadly as she began to feel tears of her own coming on. "We'll be there as soon as we can!" Summer said as she stood up and began to walk towards the door. "Mom I don't think that's a good ide" Ruby was cut off by Summer hanging up her scroll before going to tell the rest of the family. "Don't worry my little angel momma is coming to make things right!" Summer thought to herself as she went to tell everyone the good news.

Alright so now Liam has more ghosts from his past he will have to face, although what will happen before that? What new adventures await Liam and Team KNDM? Find out next time!

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