Part One - 05 - Kala

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"Log entry 345. Hammond talking. Today, we buried another member of our team. We are now down to 26 people. It's the fourth unexpected death like this, and the autopsy revealed yet again similarities. The culprit is the planet. The energy here is consuming the life out of the humans residing here. Their organs are slowly failing until death occurs. I sent yet again another encrypted message home. As usual, we didn't receive any answer, and no rescue mission arrived for us. I know now that the only way to be rescued would be to solve the puzzle that is R-607. To finish our research. But after five years here, we are not closer to the truth. This scientific mission is now a survival mission for me and my team. But everything is not so bleak here. Kala, the child of the station, is getting stronger every day. She was born and raised on R-607, and the planet seems to give to her as much as it takes from us. Her abilities surprise us more every day. Her entire existence is fascinating. She became the joy in our lives. Log entry over."

The white light of the med bay was blinding, and the smell of blood omnipresent. Kala was holding Moira's hand.

The female twin ground her teeth and tried to slide from the surgical table to stand up, but her knees gave up and she fell on the floor, "I have to go get Memphis..."

"You are not in a state to go anywhere right now," said Kala.

The blonde woman had been going in and out of consciousness for the past 10 minutes, struggling to stay awake while her body suffered the invisible wounds and traumas inflicted on her twin somewhere in the abandoned cruiser.

"The others went to get Memphis," continued Kala. "I've seen the captain's eyes; he will do it."

Moira smiled faintly, drops of blood shining on her lips, "Oh... I have no doubts he will...The cap' can be really scary when he is mad, you know? He will plow right through those bastards and make them regret the day they touched a member of his crew... But still, they might be too late." She took a raspy breath. "The condition I'm in...I know. Memphis is dying," a sob escaped her mouth when she said it. "I can feel it. Right now, life is seeping out of him...I have to do something."

She tried to stand up again but failed miserably. Kala caught her head in her arms before she could hit the ground of the infirmary.

Moira's blonde short curls were matted with blood that wasn't hers. Blood from the man they found dead on top of her when she was unconscious. The metallic smell of it burned Kala's nostrils. She felt a cold rage slowly rise in her core. The twins were the most lively people she had ever met. Their energy always extravagant, bubbly, and communicating between them like waves. Two identical suns gravitating around each other. Now, that energy was fading, stretched thin between the distance that separated them, and Memphis was dying. Kala could feel it too. His pain and impending death reflecting on the woman in her arms.

"I have to find him..." whispered Moira.

"You can't," Kala stood up, "But I can. Let me do that for you. I swear I will find him."

"What...? No..." Moira tried to grab her.

Somehow in her despair, she didn't forget to worry for the young girl, and that warmed her heart.

Kala kissed her bloody forehead, brushing back the soft curls, before standing. She threw a blanket over the comatose woman, "I will be back."

She left the Capricieuse, avoiding the cameras. Jessie, whose job was to never leave the cockpit during a mission, didn't notice her departure.

On that floor, the cruiser was eerily quiet and still, time frozen since it got evacuated five days before. Kala found a monitor beside a gate and put her fingertips on it to connect with the ship. She gasped. The feeling was something else than the Capricieuse. This vessel was huge, so many cameras, so many rooms, and floors, so many machines. It was dizzying. She focused, trying to find her target. On the third floor, she could see the captain and the rest of the crew already engaged in a gunfight with their opponents. They were outnumbered four to 30, but it didn't seem to be a problem for them. Two hallways away, she found him, Memphis. He had crawled behind a door, leaving a bloody trail in his wake. He was behind the enemy line. By the time the captain would get to him, he would be dead.

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