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Nathan and I both jumped apart as the lights were shut.

I was confused because there was no one home, besides the two of us. And the light were far away.

"Um, what just happened?" I questioned.

I couldn't almost see him, but I could still feel him, tell that he was sitting close to me.

"I don't know. Maybe it's just a power cut," I heard him speak. "But for safety reasons, how about we check it out. Just to be sure."

I nodded before clinging onto his arm as he stood up, taking me with him. I gripped onto him as we began making our way to the power cabinet. I chewed on my bottom lip, feeling scared all of a sudden.

But for some reason I still felt a little safe, which was probably because I was with Nathan. And I felt like he could protect me from anything.

I jumped as a creaking sound came from upstairs. It was as if someone was walking on the steps.

"Nathan, I think someone is here," I whispered, wanting nothing more than to be closer.

"Maybe it was just the wind."

I clung onto him even tighter. "The wind doesn't make that sort of sound. I'm serious, what if someone is here?"

He pulled open the power cabinet and then he tensed up.

"What?" I asked, not understanding his sudden change of demeanor. "What is it?"

"The power lines are cut. Someone cut them."

I froze at his words, clasping his hand in mine. "Who?"

"That is my question exactly," I heard him breathe out, then he reached into his belt strap and pulled out a gun. My eyes widened at his action. "Now how about we go check who is messing with us."

I felt the need to chicken out and run away, but I didn't want to look like a scaredy pants in front of him.

So I nodded. "Okay."

Nathan began leading me towards the stairs, holding onto my hand. I almost jumped as the creaking sound came again. He led me up the stairs, urging me to be as quiet as I could. We tiptoed up, me clinging onto him as tight as possible when the creaking sound got louder.

He pressed his finger to my lips when we reached the room where the creaking was the loudest. My parents old room. "Don't make a sound," he ordered quietly.

I quickly nodded again, even though I was confused because I didn't really understand why he had to do that. Touch my lips just like that.

It wasn't that I hadn't wanted it.

Because I did. I really did. I wanted him to touch me, lips even.

But I just hated that I felt as if he had no other intention, besides urging me to be quiet.

He took a deep breaths before he pushed open the door. And him and I both screamed at what came out.

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