Chapter Six

If I was a Vampire...

   The smell of bacon and eggs slowly coaxed me into consciousness the next morning. I opened my eyes reluctantly, feeling the pounding effects of a hangover. I rolled over groaning, my head landing on a memory foam pillow. Hmm, I wonder when I got that. I suddenly got up, taking in my surroundings, wincing as a sharp pain shot through my head.

   I was in an unfamiliar room. From looking at the messy clothes thrown all over the floor, I assumed it most definitely wasn’t a girl’s room, unless the girl liked to wear Calvin Klein boxer shorts.

   Oh crap, what exactly happened last night? I didn’t sleep with anyone right? I lifted up the sheets to find myself wearing a man’s t-shirt which smelt of a very familiar cologne. I closed my eyes and tried to remember what happened after I saw Christian at the club and drowned myself in alcohol, but came up with nothing. Oh shit! Christian! I quickly checked my phone. It’s Saturday today and I was already half an hour late for work!

   Untangling my legs from the bed sheets, I found my purse. It’s a good thing I always carry Advil with me, it really helps in these situations. Popping two pills in my mouth, I swallowed them down with the water on the bedside table. Grabbing my dress from last night, I made my way inside the bathroom I found inside the stranger’s room. The bathroom was almost as big as my own bedroom. It had a huge, lush bathtub and a shower with massage jets at the corner. The vanity had a granite top and I found myself drooling at the sight of the glass sink.

   Okay Valerie stop wasting time, get ready and then get out of here! I quickly gave myself a short pep talk and changed back into my dress, grimacing at the thought of a stranger seeing my in my lace bra and panties.

   After I finished putting back on my outfit from last night and washed my mascara streaked face, I made my way back into the bedroom. Here comes the hard part; leaving the safety of this bedroom and coming face to face with the stranger who brought me here.

   I sat on the cushiony bed and pondering on the ways I could leave the stranger’s house. So far the only reasonable one was, running downstairs and out the front door, but even that had its loop holes, like not being able to find the front door or tripping and cracking my head open. As the, now stronger, smell of bacon and eggs entered my nostrils, my stomach growled at me for food.

   My hunger soon controlled me and I found myself tip-toeing outside the bedroom and making my way downstairs. I found the kitchen and saw two plates laid down on the table. One had food which was half-eaten and the other looked as if it wasn’t yet touched.

   I looked around the area, trying to see if anyone was there. To my delight, I didn’t find any human in sight. Instead I saw a black cat sleeping on the sofa. Unless the stranger is some creepy-cat-morphing dude, then I’m pretty sure I’m safe.

   I finally decided that he wasn’t here. I cheered in my head as my eyes landed on the front door. I looked towards the plate with food and then back towards the door and then back again at the plate. Oh god, why make it such a hard decision? I quickly came up with an idea.

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