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Namjoon scurried out of the house with his backpack resting on his shoulders and walked towards Seokjin's apartment, looking up at the dark gray clouds as he exited. It didn't take him long to realize that Jin was still "sick". The elder had bruises and scars that would've been hard to hide, unless the elder's intellect was high enough to cover it up properly. Even so, Namjoon was aware of everything that was occurring. The only thing he was unaware of was Choi Minho.

"Namjoon!" someone called out as the tall boy turned around to face the source of the yell. It was Min Yoongi, dragging along a stunned looking boy.

And suddenly, all the gray clouds disappeared.

Yoongi ran towards Namjoon as he dragged the shining boy along with him. The taller male had a huge blush across his cheeks, his lips slightly parted as his hair was flying around due to the gush of wind passing him as the shorter male pulled him along.

"Hi, Yoongi!" Namjoon greeted as he smiled widely at the two. "Who's this?" he asked, referring to the ravenette.

"This is my boyfriend, Jung Hoseok," Yoongi announced proudly, making Hoseok's blush even more prominent.

"Oh, hi, I'm Kim Namjoon," the tallest introduced, shaking hands with the quiet boy. "Your name sounds oddly familiar..." he trailed, awkward silence lingering between the three.

"Are you going somewhere?" Yoongi asked, blinking a couple times, making Hoseok inwardly swoon.

"Yea, I'm visiting a friend of mine. He's a bit sick," Namjoon replied, thinking of Jin, of course. He was extremely worried about the older. But he knew he shouldn't edge him on about it.

"Wouldn't you maybe want to get him something? Y'know, since he's not feeling all too good," Hoseok finally piped up.

Hell no! Namjoon had already spent half of his allowance on the phone he bought Jin along with the Ryan costume. No way in hell was he going buy an extra gift. Right?


"Namjoonie! You shouldn't have!"

Yes. He really should not have.

Seokjin sat on his bed, admiring a cute little snow globe with a dog inside. He kept shaking it, mesmerized by the way the "snow" would cascade its way upon the dog.

Way to go, Kim Namjoon! You just spent more money and probably by next week, you'd be broke!

"Ah, it was nothing."

Fucking liar.

"WAIT!" Seokjin yelled, getting up and dashing to his closet. He opened it up and revealed the Ryan costume that Namjoon bought him not too long ago. He pulled it out and threw it on top of the younger. "There's the bathroom," Jin pointed at a white door with a wide grin plastered on his perfect face.

Namjoon's mouth hung open for a few seconds before he slumped with a heavy sigh. He stood up, grabbed his bag and the costume and went to the bathroom to change into it as Jin clapped his hands excitedly.

After a few moments, Namjoon exited the bathroom, the word 'embarrassed' clear as daylight on his forehead. The taller looked up from observing his outfit to see a squirming Seokjin, covering his eyes with his t-shirt. A small bit of his tummy was revealed and Namjoon's cheeked burnt up even more.

"Uh...hyung?" Jin immediately let go of his collar, a smile etched onto his face within seconds of staring at Namjoon The Ryan Bear.

"OH. MY. GOD. JOON!" Jin yelled in a high pitched voice. He seemed to love how Namjoon's pink, monotonous face matched perfectly with Ryan's demeanor. The older jumped up and circled around Namjoon once, before he squealed in delight. "YOU LOOK SO GOOD!"

(please don't mind hobi 😂)

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(please don't mind hobi 😂)

"I look like a fucking bear." Jin almost smacked the younger boy.

It ended up in a series of pictures and videos of Namjoon in the Ryan costume. Jin renamed him Nyan. Nyan kept tripping because the shoes were too big. Nyan ended up taking pictures barefoot. Jin didn't see one of the large shoes on the floor and almost tripped. That's when Nyan decided to change back.

Namjoon dragged his feet across the carpet and went back into Jin's almighty bathroom to change back. After finally relaxing into his own clothes, he spotted a neon blue cylinder looking device in the slightly open dresser. Out of curiosity, the boy bent down to see what it was and picked it up with nimble fingers.

"A...a v-vibrator?" he uttered softly, his mind painting lewd thoughts of his hyung. He stood up, surveying the vibrator.

"Namjoonie, are you done yet?" he heard from the other side of the door. With one swift motion, he stuffed the vibrator in his bag and kicked the dresser closed just as Jin had opened the door.

A nervous smile etched it's way onto the younger's face as he looked at the brunette. "Yeah, I'm finished," he answered, walking right past Jin back into the bedroom.

Namjoon slumped down onto the bed as Jin sat next to him, the elder's eyes running up and down the slender boy sitting next to him.

"Eh? What's wrong now? You look like you've seen Satan," Jin pointed out, shaking the younger lying next to him. Namjoon didn't say anything, instead just opened his mouth before closing it again, his thoughts only on the man next to him...but with a vibrator up his ass.

"Uh, Jin," Namjoon voiced, propping up on his elbows, "I just remembered, I- uh...forgot to feed my...rat," he mumbled, sitting up properly, scratching the side of his pale neck.

Seokjin stared at him in confusion. "Y-you have a pet rat?" he questioned softly.

"Ye-yeah," Namjoon replied.

They both just sat there. None uttered a word. The word 'awkward was clear as daylight on their faces. The blonde then stood up after a huge breath of confidence. Jin copied his actions and turned to face him quietly.

"Um...bye?" the brunette said.

"Bye," the younger said, dashing the fuck outta there.

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