30: We're done here

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Everyone loved Wessy.
Mitch thought it would be cute to dress Wesley in formal clothing to match my suit and tie and when we walked into my class, everyone was swooning over how adorable my son looked.
My professor, an elderly woman who loved that I brought my son to class with me, offered Wesley her office to hangout in while I took a test. I assured Wesley that it was okay and after switching seats with a classmate so I could have a clear sight of Wesley in the office. He sat and watched cartoons on my computer for almost an hour until I was done with my test and it was time for the first break of the day. This class, like my others, lasted five hours and the first half was usually a study and test class, while the second half was class notes and presentations of legal cases.
Wesley and I wandered around the courtyard of my school and we eventually got in line at the cafeteria and Wesley got a slice of pizza for lunch. He thanked me as he sat at the lunch table and ate; kicking his feet and waving to people who walked by and greeted him with a smile.
"Daddy!" He chirped my way. "Class?"
"Yeah, we're going to go back to class once you eat your pizza. Do you want to talk to daddy? We can call him," Wes nodded and I handed him my phone to FaceTime Mitch. I smiled and watched as Wes talked to his dad for a bit before handing me the phone.

Mitch PoV
Scott ended the FaceTime call when he and Wes had to go back to class. I wished them both a good rest of their day and eventually convinced myself to get off of my ass and run some errands. I wanted to help Wessy feel better, so I figured it would be a good idea to make his favourite for dinner. Luckily, my toddler wasn't picky with his food, so that gave me a big option pool to choose from.

When I got to the grocery store, I ended up deciding to make tacos, as Wesley loved tacos, and was reaching for the tortilla wraps, which were on a top shelf, when an arm reached up and grabbed it for me. When I looked over, I felt my eyes widen at the sight of Scott's dad standing with a small and shy smile. His hair was neatly done and he was dressed in a suit and looked completely different than he did a few days ago.
"You looked like you needed some help," he handed me the package of tortilla wraps. "How're you, Mitch?"
"I— hello, Seth. I'm fine, thank you,"
He nodded and clearly hesitated before sighing. "I- I know Scott hates me,"
I nodded, "very much, yes,"
"I know I can never make up the last ten years, but I— I want to be in his life now. I miss him and his mother,"
I sighed. "Seth, I'm sure, deep down, Scott appreciates you reaching out, but he's not interested in mending a relationship with you or his mother, right now. It took him so long to get over the fact that you just left and that she liked drugs more than she liked her own son. You coming into his life so suddenly, drunk nonetheless, isn't helping how he views you."
"I know. I messed up, I know. I just.. I want to get sober. I want to have my family back together, but I don't know where to start."
"I'm sorry, Seth." I stepped back and moved my shopping cart. "But my only interest, right now, is to care for my boys. Scott had a breakdown when he saw you and I don't want him to have another. He's doing so incredibly well right now and I've never seen him so happy before,"
"I want to be in his life-"
"Then maybe put down the bottle of alcohol and get yourself together." I snapped, causing the other customers in the isle to look over. "When I met him, Scott was hurt and broken. You hurt him and you broke him, Seth. Right now, he wants nothing to do with you and as his boyfriend, I'm respecting his decision. Now if you'd excuse me," I stepped away. "I have a gender reveal party next weekend and I still have a lot I have to get done and you're not making the process any easier."
"We're done here, Seth."


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