Chäpter Sïx

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Evangeline's P.OV

I bent at the waist and inhaled the fresh and heavenly smell of one of my favorite flowers.

The rose never had an incredibly strong aroma, but the smell it did have was always very soothing to me. Then again, there was a possibility that I just loved the flower because it was one of my only nicknames.

Della had always called me her Rose. I never knew why exactly, but I had always loved the endearment.

I lifted my hand and ran my fore finger over the silky flower, admiring the deep red color of it's petals and the smoothness of it's leaves. It was so pretty.


I raised my head hesitantly at the sound of a man's voice, one that had become dreadfully familiar to me over the past week and a half.

Not him...not now...

Alexander had been around me almost all of the hours of everyday for the past nine days. I had yet to see Cayden again, but I wasn't quite so lucky with my betrothed.

"Yes, your majesty? How may I be of assistance?"
My voice came out soft, almost too quiet to not be carried away by the summer breeze as I turned back to my roses.

A scoff was heard from across the garden, only his hair visible past all of the flowers petals and leaves.

He stood on the opposite side of the row I was on, his gaze probably taking in the Magnolia's that rested on that side.

The flower garden had always been an inspiration of mine, and it had become one my most likely getaways. I had created it and cared for it for nearly twelve years now, and the sentimental meaning of it was so dear to me, especially since the hedges that lay deeper in the garden had always been my perfect spot whenever I needed to disappear for a while; no one had ever found me when I disappeared into the maze that I had come to know like the back of my hand.

"I've told you not to call me that. Make sure that you don't again."

I flinched at his cruel tone but continued to walk through the garden nonetheless, the smells and sights of the flowers around me helping calm my senses.

"Of course Your-- Alexander."
I corrected, this time stopping at the fountain that rested at the entrance of the maze.

The water flew into the air majestically and came back down in a beautiful arch, the setting suns rays catching the water just right, casting a pale rainbow across the shaded hedges of the maze.

Another sigh was heard, but this time it was closer.

I sat on the stone of the fountain, dipping my hand into the cool water that rested within.

"I came as a message from your mother. She wants you to be informed that your dress fitting is the day after tomorrow."

I froze, my hand halfway pulled from the water.


"I have already decided which dress you are to wear, the seamstress just needs to know your measurements."

I cringed against the cool stone beneath me, ducking my head to the side.
Was this really happening? Was I really gonna be forced into this marriage? And only a few days from now?

"Evangeline? Are you alright?"

I looked up and nodded, as though he could see me and stood from my place on the stone with shaky knees. My breathing was slightly ragged again and my heart was beating uncontrollably.

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