Chapter Six - Recipe For Disaster

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Chapter Six Recipe for Disaster

Welcome to the point, the point of no return. Let the past ignite and memories burn. I say, welcome to wherever you are.

-Ten Second Epic

My day progressed slowly but it wasn’t as awful as I imagined it would be. First period went by okay, the guy, Rick, spoke to me during the period. He was friendly and the boy on my other side, whose name I found out was Tray, joined in on our conversation. They gave me ideas for the assignment and asked to see my timetable so that they could compare it with their schedules. I only had lunch with Tray and I wasn’t completely relieved because he didn’t seem like the type to be hospitable and ask me to join him. Rick was kinder but I had nothing else with him during the day.

Second period was slightly awkward. Mr. Cocklin was perverted, he stared at me endlessly and in a deep, husky voice told me to give him my old English work for him to re-evaluate. He seated me at a table with two boys and two girls. Their names I had already forgotten but I didn’t speak to them very much. They filled me in on the current novel they were reading, Brave New World, and told me I had to read up to chapter seven. None of them bothered to ask for my timetable or ask me to join them at lunch.

So here I was now… in the cafeteria of the school. I had a wrapped egg sandwich in one hand that I had just purchased, and a can of Pepsi in the other. I nervously scanned the cafeteria for a familiar face. Tray, Ashton… Roman… but I didn’t see any of them. I recognized a couple kids from my English class but I never conversed with any of them. My heart was pounding against my chest and cold beads of sweat were beginning to form on my hairline. What was I going to do?

With a deep breath, I took a few steps towards the nearest lunch table that had an empty seat. A few kids were sitting there and I asked, “Do you mind?”

“Not at all.” One of the girls smiled at me kindly and let me sit down. I breathed a sigh of relief as I took a seat diagonal from her. In front of me was empty but to my side was a girl with ginger hair, in a side braid. There were four other girls at the table and three guys. The three guys weren’t talking to the girls so I realized they weren’t friends.

“Are you new here?” The girl who had allowed me to take a seat asked. She had tan skin and dark curly hair. Her hair looked wet with hair mousse.

“Yeah.” I answered wanting to hug her for actually talking to me.

“What’s your name?”

“Sam, what’s yours?”

“I’m Ayesha.” The girl smiled at me. She had braces. The other girls at the table beamed at me and gave me their names, as well. “So what grade are you in?” Ayesha asked.

“Eleventh grade.” I said.

“Oh… we’re in grade ten.” I felt a rush of disappointment. It wasn’t likely any of them would be in any of my classes. Ayesha opened her mouth to say something else when her eyes widened as her gaze locked on something behind me.

A hand was on my shoulder, “Come with me.” I turned around and saw Ashton standing there. He had a bottle of Snapple in his hands and was giving me an uncomfortable look.

“Why?” I stood up, though.

“Hi, Ashton.” Ayesha waved at him.

“Hey.” He said dryly before grabbing my arm and practically yanking me away from them.

“That was rude…” I said as we walked off.

He sighed, “You’ll thank me later.”

“What are you talking about?”

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