Chapter 3 You're Annoying

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Chapter 3

You're Annoying

Zack's POV

I sat alone in the main hall, eating my dinner. I don't go to sleep until about 2:00am and I don't get up till 11:00am.

My mind was blank until the knock at the door. I said nothing even after Dan walked in and sat next to me.

"Hey." Dan greeted and I said nothing. "There have been more cases of exorcists going crazy and attacking there branches." He said darkly and I was once again silent but he could tell it peaked my interest, so naturally he kept talking. "We think we know who it is, but we are royally fucked if we are right." He said.

"Name?" I said.

"Astaroth." He said and I nodded. "Yeah." Dan added seeing my reaction. I said nothing and kept eating. "Not much phases you, dose it?" He asked referring to my calmness. I simply Nodded in response to his question.

"Plan?" I asked, Dan shrugged.

"From what I've herd, the order is going on the defensive. They are assigning paladins to every branch, well except here. Because we got you, so I guess your the acting paladin of this branch." Dan said and I slammed my fist onto the table.

"No." I hissed and got up. I herd Dan sigh as I headed back to my room.

Truth was, being a Paladin was too much work and I was afraid of that much responsibility. That's right, I feared that title. Simply because I doubted myself and my ability to protect the numbers of lives that a paladin must protect. In addition to that, I fear my rage and it taking over me, I feared that my darkness would consume me. That's the real reason I'm always calm, I fear my anger.

I fell on my black sheeted bed in my black athletic shorts. I looked down at my body and observed all my scars, all my fights. I should've been a demon hunter.

There is a massive difference between exorcists and demon hunters. The main one is, demon hunters are looking solely to kill demons not protect as specific town. Unlike exorcists, who are assign to a branch of a general area to protect that area.

Whatever, what's done is done. I let the comforting sleep embrace my mind.


I woke up to my alarm clock and got up. After I had equipped all my weapons and my black cloak, I headed to the training room. We use fighting bots to train our skills. These bots are self-fixable. So I can obliterate one and it will eventually fix itself.

I'm not a fist but I do know basic jujitsu. So I guess you could say I'm a blend off all three classes. I'm told that no other member of the order has blended the skills like me. I stood in the center of the training room with my eyes closed.

"Activate Training protocol 8900. User-Slayer." I say.

"User Slayer accepted, Activating training protocol 8900." Said a automated voice. The training lessons range from 500(easiest) to 8000(hardest.) my setting is custom made by the program operators, and can only be accessed by me or the branch master, or someone a higher rank than me.

I still had not opened my eyes, but I could hear the whizzing of the bots blades as they neared me.


Alexia's POV

I had secretly followed Slayer to the training room. I wanted to see how trained, and how he fought. Reason why was, I hope if I see how hard he trains, then maybe I can get that good someday.

I watched Slayer just stand there as the bots neared him.

"Enjoying the show?" Dan asked walking up besides me. I nodded in response.

"Why doesn't he move?" I ask not taking my eyes off Slayer.

"Just watch." Dan advises, so I do. All of the 30 bots are almost at less than a foot away. Out of nowhere Slayer just vanishes.

"Wha...?" I began but Dan cut me off.

"Watch." He repeated.

Suddenly a bot smashes into a wall and 10 others are laying in pieces everywhere, yet I still can't see slayer. I spotted more bots getting dismantled by gunshots and the sounds of a sword. I suddenly caught a very quick glimpse of Slayer, but he was only a black blur that quickly disappeared again, I could've sworn I saw his eyes shut though. I was in awe of his skill.

"Are his eyes shut?" I asked a little freaked out. Dan chuckled and nodded.

"That's how he trains, it's the only way it's somewhat of a challenge for him." Dan said.

"Can all Paladins do what he can do?" I asked Dan shook his head no.

"Slayer was always a bit special when it came to fighting. He always found it too easy. You know how the training maxes out at 8000?" Dan asked and I nodded.

"Well Slayers setting is 8900." Dan said and I was speechless.

"Is there anyone else in the order that has the same kind of skill as him?" I asked.

"A few. You have Paladin Valerie, Shadow Kyle. Grandmaster Kiko. There are a few more, but those are the big three." Dan said and i nodded.

After about 15 more rounds Slayer finally came out of the training room. Of course he was shirtless. But I was shocked by he number of his scars.

"How'd you get all these?" I asked and Slayer said nothing as he walked into the other room. I looked at Dan for help and he laughed.

"I asked him the same thing. All he said was, reminders. So I left it at that." He said and i nodded. I looked back at the training room, the bots were now a pile of nuts, bolts, and screws that lay all over the place.

I smiled at the thought of me being as skilled as Slayer and helping him in battle.

"Come on, it's breakfast." Dan said tapping my shoulder and in nodded and followed him into the eating hall.

I sat next to Trey and Mickey as we ate.

"Did you hear the big news?" Mickey asked enthusiastically.

"Um no." I said.

"we'll apparently, the branch master is giving Slayer a trainee, to train." Trey said and Mickey nodded.

"And why is this big news?" I asked confused.

"Um hello? Slayer has never trained anyone before. So this person would be his first ever trainee." Mickey said in a duh tone.

"Oh." Was all I could manage. "When are they announcing who it is?" I asked and as if on cue, Slayer and the branch master walk in.

"As you know, one you lucky kids is going to be Slayers first ever trainee. And I'm here to announce that person now. FYI, Slayer doesn't even know who it is." The branch master said with a sly smile and Slayer looked unhappy. "And the lucky bastard is....Alexia Moon." The branch master said and I dropped my spoon.

"WHAT?!" I demanded/shouted and Dan laughed. Slayer went from semi-mad to a blank face right after he herd my name.

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