Evil Times Two

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Malia's Outfit ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Malia's P

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Malia's Outfit ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Malia's P.O.V

Me Ravi Zuri Jessie and Luke where at the Park Emma was here two but i have no idea where she went me and Luke where playing Catch

"Yeah and Me and Mal put a bucket of shirmp on Uma's head Maleficent wanted Mal to show me to be Evil so " i said with a smile as i toss the baseball to Luke

"Dude that's biggest prank of the centry did she get made fun of?" Luke asked as he toss me the baseball

"Oh yeah she couldn't get the smell out of her hair so people called her Shrimpy" i said as Luke laughed

"Who want's fresh raspberries?" We heard Jessie asked as me and Luke walked to Jessie as i toss the baseball to myself

"Eariler, i saw Emma balancing one of these on the tip of her nose" Ravi said as i laughed a bit

"Dude that wasn't a raspberry she has a zit the size of a chihuahua " i said as Luke and Zuri laughed

"Not a raspberry? Then my enthusiastic applause must have confused her" Ravi said as i nodded probably i saw Emma with a big hat

"No one notice me no one notice me..." Emma said as she triped and fell on the chess game we laughed but Ravi and Jessie

"That Probably didn't help" Emma said as i kept laughing Jessie walked up to her

"It's just a zit how bad can it be?" Jessie asked as Emma showed her Jessie eyes wideon

"Oh! Look at the size of that....Cloud!" Jessie said nice save

"It looks like my nose is growing a nose " Emma said as i smriked a bit
Two childern scream and ran away

"Look, I'm even scaring children!" Emma said as i looked and saw Ugh Agatha

"No that's not you. That's something truly horrifying and it's headed this way" Jessie said as Jessie and Agatha glared at each other

"Jessie" Agatha said glaring as Jessie glared back

"Agatha" Jessie said as Agatha looked at me and my siblings

"I see you're still taking care of these hideous children" Agatha asked has she ever looked in the mirror?

"And i see your tooth is still trying to escape " Jessie said as i laughed a bit

"Is that the nasty nanny who tried to get Jessie fired with her Toddler Tattler blog?" Ravi asked me i nodded

"Mmm-hmm. Someone should drop a house on that" i said with smile the others laughed as we saw Agatha with this lady my evil since is kicking in and no not Agatha the woman

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