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"My lord, I've news for you."

Darkness didn't take his eyes off the night sky as the woman behind him kept waiting for him to finally turn around. It was a waste of time. He knew it cause the last few times she came here to give him any news all it turned out to be rumors or just dead ends.

Keira's stepmother was a good informer but she believed anything anyone said. Also her quick to judge personality was slowing him down from what he wanted. Some might call her a fool while some even call her naive. 

And, he was just so damn tired of pretending that she wasn't.

"My lord-"

"I've told you numerous times to call me by my name, Darkness. No, my lord or anything that prospect, didn't I?" His voice had a bitter taste he couldn't get rid of. Maybe he didn't want to. Turning around he noticed the woman was now looking at him with open mouth. She feared him, there was no doubt. There's only a few in this world who didn't fear him. One he left to protect his sanity and another...well another was missing for decades.

"Ok, Darkness, I-I have news that only a kind has the knowledge of where the leader of Moon clan is." Now, that's new.

Darkness couldn't stop the laughter trembling out of his lips. "Kind you say? What kind?"

"The guardian of the souls." 

His eyes narrowed. Guardians of the souls usually stayed at cemeteries, guarding lost souls and making sure no soul leaves from the cemetery. But they always worked for the dead souls, not a living soul now unless-

"If you're lying, dear-" His tone brought a flinch on her face.  "I will not hesitate to show you your worth." 

"Will you kill me?" She didn't sound surprised as much as he did. Did he? Did he want to kill her if she lies to him? Will he be able to kill her after she got who he wanted to meet?

Funny enough even he didn't know the answer to that.

"I-I am sorry if I overstepped-"

"Which cemetery is this one?" He cut her off with raising a hand, letting his shadows hiss in a warning for a good measure. She didn't waste much time to give him the address and turning on her heels before he changed his mind of keeping her alive.

Darkness would make a mocking comment after her retreating back, the man in him just waited until it was his time to go look for answers...


"She's in New York City. Come on, we have to get to her."

Keira could have said yes. Maybe this could be the day she found her twin again. But the thing was...she couldn't. Not when she still had to know what her mother was looking for. She had a deal to keep up.

"Um...Hannah, can we not go today? I mean we both know that we have to teleport and I don't particularly feel good today to stomach that much moving-"

Hannah's lips tipped up in amusement. "Okay." 

Keira didn't need much reassurance. Once she knew that Hannah was sleeping she immediately went to look for that object. Everyone knew the old cemetery around the town so it wasn't that hard to find it. The difficult part was digging a grave which was apparently her father's and taking the box. She didn't even want to know what was in that box that her mother wanted it so desperately. 

Upon entering through the large gate surrounding the cemetery, her back stiffened. She could feel them. The strange auras coming from different graves. Her fist clenched, tightening the bag around her shoulder she walked faster to find what she came here for. If she wasn't tactful, she could get in trouble. She knew this but somewhere around her mind, there was already a fog forming.

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