the story

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Ciara woke up and put her brownish hair into a messy bun. She wasn't like other girls. She went down stairs and one direction were in kitchen? "Why are you here?" Said Ciara. " we are going to adopt you" they said in unison. Ciara was so happy! Her parents took away her Playstation so this was finally a revenge. "Your parents are in prison for a minimum 3828192929292837363629 years for what they have done to you" said Harry. Ciara couldn't help it she burst out crying. All the things they had put her through were.... unimaginable. Niall stepped forward and hugged her telling her it was all going to OK. Ciara  nodded. One direction walked outside while Ciara went to pack her things. She was still in shock. When she went outside her heart jumped. It was one directions tour bus.

Later that night...
Ciara heard a BANG followed by manly screams in exact unison . "What's that I better check it out" Ciara said to nobody in particular. She crept through the hallway and there was one direction dead. The one chance Ciara had at happiness was taken away. She dialled 999. "999 what's your emergency" said a husky voice on the other side. "O-one direction is dead" Ciara stuttered. "We'll be right there" said the husky voiced operator. Ciara swore she heard a faint choo choo in the background.

The next day
Ciara was at the police station while they were looking for a new family to look after her. While Ciara was looking down she noticed train tracks were all over the flower. She heard a faint choo choo again. And two double doors open to show.... Thomas the tank engine! "Hello" Thomas said. Ciara then released he was the 999 operator with the hot voice. "I'm here to take Ciara home with me"

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