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Pen Your Pride


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im bored so lets-a go!
(edit 2016 almost 2k17 wow: this story is so fucking cringey to me and i wrote in 2014 and ive edited at least 4 times to make it less cringey and its not WORKING)
(20170725 edit: why are you reading this please exit out this book right now i dont want you seeing the fucking cringe)

My mom knocked on my bedroom door. "Sweetie? You awake? Time to go!" My mom yelled. "5 more minutes." I groggily said. My mom walked in. "Jesus christ." She saw my (h/l) (h/c) hair in a ball of mess and my clothes loosely hanging off of me.

"So, No London?" She said. I immediately shot up like a bolt and went in the bathroom with my towel and underwear, including a bra, I picked out.

(don't want my fucking tits to hit the queen!!)

I took a quick shower and put on my underwear and walked out.

"Nice underwear, emo loser." I heard a familar voice. Austin, my 16 year old brother. He was staring my black underwear. "What the fuck, you shit." He laughed loudly and I glared at his walking form and walked back into my room. I slipped on a twenty one pilots shirt, jean shorts with black tights, and sky blue Converse. My dad already gotten my suitcases in the trunk.

I carefully tore down the posters from my wall, rolling them up and carried them in a separate duffel bag. I looked at the now empty room, I walked out with a smile.

I got out the car and grabbed my suitcases. I turned to my mom, dad and Austin. "So, I guess this is goodbye." I mumbled, rubbing my neck.

I hugged my mom. "I'm gonna miss you mom." I pulled away and hugged my dad. "I'm gonna miss you too, dad." I turned to Austin and ruffled his hair resulting him squealing. "You too, Aust."

I waved and went on my plane and they went to the car. I neatly put my suitcases in the cupboard above me and sat down next to a mother and her teenage daughter. I looked out the window as we flew off. I sighed.

I honestly hope for the best.



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