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| You've got a hold of me |

Johnny Orlando

I stared at the clock as I waited for the bell to ring and the last period of the day to get over.My friends had persuaded me to go tell my crush that I like her. Actually, I was dared to go do so. To this day, I regret the fact that I ever told them I liked her.

Now, you're probably wondering who the her is. Well, it's Mackenzie. Mackenzie Ziegler. She is best friends with my sister, Lauren who knows I haven't had a great time with relationships before. My homie, Hayden liked her too. She rejected him. Although to be honest, I didn't think they were a great if a couple. She, an outgoing butterfly, and him, a shy lil' puppy.

The bell rang. I gave a quick look towards Lauren, who looked at me with comforting smile. With that i walked up to her. She was there, laughing at her clown friend, Jayden Bartels. Never liked that girl. Anyway I went to her and said, "Hey, um I need to tell you something."

She looked at me and smiled, "Yeah sure what happened." I saw Lauren stand beside me and said without any air in my lungs, "I like you."

Her reaction was what hurt me the most. She didn't say anything. Just kept a straight face throughout. I got nervous and ran out the classroom. And then I made a vow, never to tell a girl I liked her again.

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