The HDPP had hadn't set any restrictions against Noah getting into a relationship, if the opportunity were to somehow present itself, yet they had warned him about attempting such a thing with any authorities, soldiers, or leaders. Sure, they hadn't assumed he would, but the board of members had told all possible candidates that there could be no meddling in that regard given the possible backlash; if they were to infiltrate at such levels, demon authorities would undoubtedly take it as humans trying to infiltrate the higher ranks and feel threatened.

They'd had some issues concerning Noah's limitations, and one of them was that he couldn't get involved with anyone he had a professional contact with at all, of course... whether romantically or even platonically. At the time, they had been referring to teachers and the principal, but Noah had a rising suspicion that it would also apply to anyone designated to his protection as well.

But despite knowing all that, Noah could already feel himself growing weary. He knew better than to get close to anyone in Infuri, but...

They were too close. They were always too close.

Noah couldn't say he was doing much to stop it, though. Sure, the idea of having the HDPP send him back horrified him. Yet, Noah didn't stop Bryce when he yanked him back to keep him from leaving or even when he pressed the emergency button on the elevator once the elevator doors had inevitably closed once more, leaving them stuck in that small space.

He also couldn't stop himself from leaning into Bryce's space, keeping his eyes set on the elevator door as he pressed his hands against Bryce's chest, gripping at the demon's shirt and forcefully pulling him closer.

"We're being reckless, Bryce," Noah murmured against Bryce's lips.

Bryce growled under his breath, shrugging disinterestedly. For now, he couldn't find it in himself to care. He leaned forward and crashed his lips against Noah, pushing the human back until he had him cornered.

"Do you want me to stop?" Bryce asked Noah, pressing both hands on either side of the metal wall. He glared at Noah like that while pinning him in place, gazing down at the human's conflicted expression in search of an answer he himself didn't have. "Or do you want me?"

Noah nodded tentatively, lifting his hands to cautiously caress the sides of Bryce's face with the same uncertainty that always managed to linger in the back of his mind. Still, he groaned out in pleasure as Bryce began mouthing at his neck, even if he knew better. If only for the few minutes before he forced Bryce to take the elevator off the emergency stop, he'd allow himself to enjoy the taste of the demon's lips.

"Are you sure about that?"

"Why? What are you implying?" Noah asked, voice firm despite the shakiness he felt throughout his body. Then, he gasped as Bryce pushed his knees in between his legs, pressing his body firmly, unashamedly, against Noah's own.

"I don't know," Bryce confessed between shallow breaths and hard, rushed kisses, turning his head to make sure the elevator door wasn't going to open even if he knew it wouldn't. "Just keep going."


Mo couldn't place exactly what it was about Benjamin, but she already distrusted him. Perhaps it was the way his eyes glinted as they settled upon her brother's face or the cocky personality he possessed, but there was the slightest inkling of a feeling that perhaps she'd regret not fighting harder for Sarah to stay.

From their introduction alone, a certain air of precision surrounded his immediate shift in attitude, as well as his body language. And despite not knowing much about him, there was no denying that he wanted something. Even as a subtle edge of formality over-took his suddenly calmer voice, the glint of animosity remained there... even if only faintly.

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