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So couple of days before, I got 200 followers (like holy shiz, tysm agan, i love single one of you)

And I wanted to do smth special!

And I was thinking of contest but my brainless head did not kno what to give in return (contest winners usually got prizes) and I want to do smth like that too-

But I decided I will do contest.

So this will be writing contest.

The deadline is gonna be till Womens day or 8th March cuz it is one of important dates I can remember, well its cuz it is my sis bday then

also so yall can have enough of time to write.


- Pls do tag me in ur fanfics so i can see em and read them!

- You can choose whichever style (smut, fluff, angst- jus dont make me cri sm-) and AU's

- Same goes for ships just, pls no incest nor pedophilia in it

- It doesnt need to be ship, it can be, ykno, for example Hamilsquad fooling around with Schuylers etc.

- No gore! Nor furries-

this is pretty much all of it-


I think that 1st winners will get fanfic in whatever ship or AU they want, in maximum over 4000+ words?

2nd winner will get same thing but words over maximum 3000+ words

ad 3rd winner will get same thing but under 2000+

so if u wanna join, go for it!

Also, im not on phone im on computer cuz my mom took away my phone till i fix my grades so yeah, that sucks

ok bye i gotta play mc with bro-


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