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" Jen,Mina please take your seats, " Mr. Kim commanded the both girls.

" So, Mina is here, that means she will be under our protection now " Mr. Kim smiled.

" And that also mean, Lisa will be looking after her too. "

Mina smiled shyly which didn't escape her cousins eyes.

" Dad isn't that hard for Lisa, I mean she also is a student? " Jennie ask calmly.

" Oh that, well. We haven't talk yet, but thank you for reminding me. I'll just ask her if she'll manage but I bet she'll agree "
Mr. Kim said positively which earns a frown from Jennie.

Mr. Kim has something on his mind, he knows her daughter too well to the extent that every facial expressions she shows, her father knows.

" If it possible we can hire an agent again " he suggested.

" Better dad! " Jennie replied not having second thoughts.

" Okay, tomorrow then. Be back early and you'll be the one to hire your new agent " Mr. Kim said talking to Jennie.

" What?! Why me dad? "

" Because you're the one who agreed and I thought you don't like Lisa? "

" Never mind, I can share with Mina "Jennie replied pouting like a kid.

Mina on the other hand has no idea, she just thought that her cousin is being a brat again, and at the same time, thinks that Jennie is still straight.

" Don't worry Jen, I will not be a burden to Lisa " she said smiling.

" So tomorrow, you'll be coming to school right? Same class with Jennie and Lisa, but you can ride with Lisa or you'd rather— "

" I'd love to uncle, I love to— ah. Love to go to school with someone? " she said stuttering.

— Next day.

Someone knock at Jennies door, she immediately jump off her bed and run her way.

" Good morning Lis—" she then stop.

" Good morning maam, but you might get late. " one of their maid said with courtesy.

Actually Jennie already woke up early this morning but she waited for Lisa's knock

" Okay" she then shut her door and went back to the bed frowning.

As she lay down she reach for her phone and messaged Lisa.

To : My Agent

Yah! Come here to my room right now. I miss you :(

To: Ms. Kim

Having breakfast with Mina.

To : My Agent

Just go up here pleaseeee. I want you to wake me up :(

To: Ms. Kim

We're at a cafe near school. You're texting. You're awake.

To: My Agent

This early? So I guess you're having fun with Mina?

To: Ms. Kim


To: My Agent

Wtf? Are you that insensitive Lisa?! Just great! Good morning to you!

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