Twenty - Four

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Skylar's POV:

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Skylar's POV:

Eventually, I decided to meet up Blake after all.

I didn't message him or even tell him. I just got out of my house at night, locked the door behind me. Nobody would even know that I was leaving. That's how it was when your parents never actually stayed at home.

What if I didn't get back?

Well, Blake promised. I may have been the biggest fool to even believe on a promise. But well, that's how life goes.

I wrapped my jacket around myself and made my way towards the apartment Blake had mentioned.

We hadn't agreed on a specific time. But it still didn't matter. As soon as I was in the street behind my house, I saw the tall building.

It did look abandoned for some reason. I went towards it. The walls were merely broken like some construction was going on. I was right when I saw two orange cones flipped on the corner.

It looked more like a creepy abandoned haunted house.

After minutes searching here and there, I saw a rusted staircase. I looked at my phone at Caden's number.

Just one press and he'll know that I'm in danger.

I started making my way upstairs not sure where I was going. It was so dark that I had to watch myself from stumbling on my own footsteps. This place was giving me creepy vibes.

When I reached the last stair, I saw how up I actually was. The spiral staircase led down swirling in darkness. All I knew, it could lead to hell. But then again, I just came up.

I saw a door leading to the roof and went towards it. The roof was isolated completely. A cover of pure black sky enveloped it. I would've gone back if I wouldn't have seen a boy sitting on the edge. His back was towards me and he was leaning with his hands on either side of him, looking ahead at the city line.

I knew it was Blake judging from the messy blond hair.

I decided it would really be foolish to back off. I literally just climbed so many stairs and creeped myself out. Why the hell would I go back without finding anything useful? I walked towards him slowly and sat down beside him. I realized how up we actually were. If I accidentally fell down from here, I was so dead.

"You finally came." He said acknowledging me.

I looked down at the depth beneath us again.

"Why did you choose this spot in the first place? Isn't it too...high?" I muttered.

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