The Assassin's Son

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"Why do you keep the diaries of the people you've killed?" She asked him, the innocence in her eyes enticed him. He would show her all of the bad in the world, this was only his first step.

"I feel like I should at least take the time to get to know them," He replied, his calloused fingers flipping through the pages of a diary, Target #97. He recalled each detail of each execution, each assassination.

His lush green eyes lifted to meet her warm hazel ones, curiosity pushed through her eyes, showing him all he needed to know.

"After they're dead?" Hazel asked again, she was still hesitant reading someones thoughts, especially knowing each of them had done something terrible to humanity.

"Death is only an illusion, kitten. The person still exists in our minds." Ash responded, analyzing each movement of the blonde across from him.

Every ounce within him pulsed with confusion, she was the one person he had never understood. That scared him.


Status: Ongoing

By: belieber12445

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