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PROMPT: Jonah and Walker have been with each other for a while, and Jonah finally tells Walker about his panic attacks
Word Count: 858

(Sorry this one's kinda short!)

Jonah anxiously rubs his sweaty palms on his jeans as he steps onto the front porch of the Brodsky residence. He knocks on the door with a shaky fist and immediately, his mind starts rushing,
"I'm really doing this? I wish this was a dream. Oh god, he's gonna hate me..."

After what seems like an eternity, the door finally opens to reveal Walker's mother.
She smiles, "Jonah! What a nice surprise!" Jonah forces a smile and tries his best to ignore the intense beating of his heart. "Hi Mrs. Brodsky, is Walker home?" he asks. Mrs. Brodsky nods, "Yes, he's upstairs in his room. Come in," she gestures Jonah inside the living room and he starts walking towards the stairs.
"Are you sure you don't want anything to drink?" Mrs. Brodsky says. Jonah nods, "I'm good, thank you though." He continues his way up the stairs and was soon standing in front of Walker's bedroom door, where he could hear music playing from behind the wood.
Jonah softly chuckles to himself.
"He must be drawing. That's his art playlist"

His smile soon drops when he remembers that it may be the last time he'll hear it. He sighed and knocked on the door.

"Who is it?" Walker's voice calls out. "It's Jonah," he calls back, trying to not sound as completely anxiety-ridden as he actually is. Jonah hears footsteps approaching the door and it opens to reveal Walker with his alluring brown eyes and smile as always. "Jonah! Hi!" he says excitedly. He takes Jonah's hand and leads him inside the room.
Jonah is mesmerized by the beauty of Walker's bedroom. With the walls all painted with murals that he most likely did himself, the art supplies and mediums scattered everywhere, it captured Walker's essence perfectly. "Woah, nice room," Jonah smiles. The curly haired boy's cheeks tint pink, "Thanks," he walks over to a small painting easel standing on a desk, propping up a canvas. "I was just working on a painting, what's up?" he asks and continues gently stroking color on the canvas.

Jonah hesitates. He wants to just look at Walker painting so calmly, being so at ease. He doesn't want to ruin it.
"That painting's almost as beautiful as him."

"Uh, I just need to tell you something," Jonah says. As soon as he does, his anxiety starts creeping up on him. Walker turns to look at the other boy's face and studies it. "Are you okay?" he asks and puts his hand on Jonah's shoulder. Jonah nods, "Yeah," he lies. Walker sits down on his bed. "Come on, sit down," he pats the spot next to him. "What's going on?"
Jonah sits next to Walker and sighs, "What I have to say...you might not want to be with me anymore." Walker smiles and shakes his head. "That could never happen."

"I'm not so sure about that," Jonah looks at the floor, "The thing is, I have anxiety. Panic attacks," he finally admits. Jonah's heart keeps bruising his ribs, waiting in panic and anticipation for Walker's response.
"Here it comes. This is the end, he's never going to want to see me ever again because he doesn't want to deal with my baggage and-"

"Okay," Walker's voice cuts off Jonah's thoughts, processing what he had just heard. He can't bear to look at his face, thinking that it'll just make the hurt worse.

"What's the thing that would make me not want to be with you?" he says. Jonah's eyes widen and meet with Walker's. The two boys share a smile, Jonah's eyes watering. "Really? You're not breaking up with me?" the boulder on his chest becomes a little lighter. Walker shakes his head and takes Jonah's hands, "Of course not. Why would I?" he says. Jonah shrugs, "I don't know, I guess because I hadn't told you sooner, so I felt bad that I was keeping a secret from you." Walker wipes a tear from Jonah's cheek, "It's okay. Why didn't you tell me sooner?" he asks.

"Because, things were going so well for us, I didn't want to ruin it. Although, it wouldn't be the first time I ruined a relationship," Jonah sadly chuckles to himself. Walker furrows his eyebrows, "What do you mean?" he asks. Jonah sighs, "Well since I'm letting everything out today," he holds Walker's hands even tighter, "I've been with three girls in the past, and it never ends up working out. And all those times, it was completely my fault because I was being so stupid."
Walker's face softens, "Jonah, I'm sure none of it was your fault," he says. Jonah smiles, "Really?" Walker nods, "Of course. And it's their loss, because you're amazing." he gives the back of Jonah's hand a soft kiss, making both of them blush and giggle.
"Thank you, for everything," Jonah says and bites his lip. Walker smiles, "You're welcome, Angel."

Jonah feels real relief for the first time in months when Walker wraps his arms around him and they sit in comfortable silence, wanting the moment to last forever.

"What did I do to deserve such a perfect boyfriend?"


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