Chapter 17

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His Sex Kitten

Kyle called Joe in the morning and told him to email the site, informing them he was having her prescription filled and that he would take care of the cost so they wouldn't have to worry about it. He wasn't surprised to hear that they phoned him, asking to talk with her but he had the smarts to tell them she was in the shower. He told them he was pleased with her performance and he didn't want them calling or coming around. 

Later that day Joe showed up at Kyle's hotel, he made sure no one was following him. He went to his office, knocking before walking in. "I picked up that package you asked me to get," he said and sat down across from him.

"Thanks, I appreciate it," he said, taking the package from him and stuffing it into his pocket.

"So how's it going with you and Kiera?"

Kyle told him about the visit from Roy. "I really hope he can get those pricks soon, she's starting to go stir crazy not getting out. I hate that we can't go out to dinner or dancing. I'm doing the best I can to keep her entertained, day time is the hardest for her as I'm down here working most of the day."

"Why don't you let me take her out to lunch."

He shook his head. "I don't think so." He didn't want her going anywhere without him, he wondered if he was being selfish keeping her locked up inside his suite.

"Look, nothing is going to happen. If we're seen together by any of those guys it's alright, they'll be expecting it and it will give her a chance to get out of that room, even for a short time."

Kyle sat back and scratched his chin, thinking. "I guess it wouldn't hurt as long as you stayed in the general area. Alright, I'll phone her and let her know you're coming up to take her out to lunch. Just be careful, make sure no one sees you leaving or coming back with her, take the back way and the stairs."

"I'll be careful."

"Alright, just let me call her first before you go up. I had told her not to open the door for anyone but if she knows your on your way up it'll be OK." He then made the call, after talking to her he hung up, turning to look at Joe. "You have to wait half an hour, she's going to shower first."

"I could help her with that," he said, smirking.

"Not funny," he said, giving Joe an angry glare and throwing a rolled up piece of paper at him. He then took his wallet out and took out his credit card, handing it to him. "After lunch, you can take her shopping and tell her to buy whatever she wants."

Twenty minutes later Joe left to go pick up Kiera.

She greeted him with a smile. She was happy to be getting out, though she wished it was Kyle she was going with. "Hi Joe, I'm ready to go, where are we going?"

"Since Kyle would kill me if I took you too far away I thought I'd take you to this nice Italian place just down the road. He also told me to take you shopping and gave me his card to give you and said for you to buy whatever you want," he said, handing her the card.

She took it, looking at it she shakes her head. "He has given me so much already."

"He loves you and would give you the world if he could. Now, let's head out, I'm starving." He explained to her why they were using the stairs and going out the back way.

They walked for about fifteen minutes before stopping at the restaurant where he opened the door for her to go in first. They were seated and handed a menu and asked if they would like a drink to start off with.

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