Chapter 6

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"Good morning, Sol. How are you feeling?" Ninety-one asked when I stepped out of my room. He was standing at the stovetop already cooking breakfast.

"I'm alright." I honestly didn't sleep much last night, instead, I spent most of the night reading my fairytale book. It helped take my mind off of what happened yesterday.

"That's good. Come and sit down. I have breakfast almost ready." He'd cooked something called an omelet. It had cheese and bits of meat mixed in with it.

"Thanks, this is good," I told him.

"I'm glad you like it. Before, I didn't have much opportunity to cook like this. Now with you here, I have the motivation to do so."

"You didn't cook like this before?"

"I did at times but it was rare. It was only for me, so it wouldn't matter what I cooked."

"Do you like cooking?"

"Yes. I especially like trying out new recipes. Monochromes who aren't caretakers typically don't get a chance to explore different types of hobbies and such. Especially, not someone with a work schedule like mine. Unfortunately, my schedule isn't likely to change anytime soon, but there are still plenty of things we can do together. Maybe we can even try out something more complex than breakfast meals together?"

"Sure that sounds good to me," I agreed. "I would like to be able to cook more than just eggs and rice."

"So, are you planning on going out today too?"

"Yes, but I'm not sure where yet. I'm just going to see where I find myself."

"Well, if you need me don't hesitate to call, okay?"


After Ninety-one had left for work, I headed back out into the city. I had decided last night that I wouldn't let what happened yesterday keep me from going around the city. By the looks of it, the issue with the masked people wasn't going away anytime soon and wasn't going to spend all my time stuck inside. This was my home now and I had to get used to how things were.

There was a small shop a short walk from the apartment. There I bought a flick knife. The basic survival book said that they were good for self-defense, even for beginners like me. I also got a small backpack for Hue to ride in. It was preferable than having him hid under my jacket, and admittedly, less strange looking. I chose a simple black one that also happened to be the cheapest.

My second stop on today's outing was a small club. It was one of the smallest in the area, so I figured it would be a good place to start. Heita was filled with similar places, so I wanted to get used to the atmosphere of one.

The building was pretty small, about the size of the bookstore I visited yesterday. There was a bar on the far wall and a flashing dancefloor at the center. The tables were set around near the walls. The lighting was dim, with colored spotlights shining down on the tables, bar, and dance area. The music that was playing was loud enough to be felt through every object in the building. From what I've seen on TV, it was typical club music, nothing special.

I sat at a small booth near a corner. I had set the backpack next to me and allowed Hue to come out and sit on my lap. With the harness, I at least didn't have to worry about him wandering off. When the waiter came over I ordered a simple chicken plate that was supposed to be spicy, I wasn't entirely sure what that flavor was but cheap and wanted to try it, and a fruit drink that had something called alcohol in it. I had heard that alcohol was common in many drinks and it wouldn't hurt to try it. I also ordered a glass of what just in case I didn't like it.

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