26: Kacey Jung (1)

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The next day Jungkook visited the dance academy, and got the exact same answer as the day before. He did it the next day, and got the same answer again. Another day, the same answer. Even when he left a message for Kacey to show up at the station at noon, she would call the station's phone line and say that she couldn't get out of her house for some odd reason.

Sometimes she'd say that she was feeling unwell, the same excuse she had used at the dance academy, other times she would say that she had to babysit for a friend or had to go out of town for a family member.

It was getting annoying and Jungkook was on his last thread of hope that she would be at the academy today, unlike the other days.

He walked through the glass doors into the now too familiar walls of the dance academy's lobby.

"Here again Officer?" the desk lady, Jisoo, asked, probably sick of the daily visits Jungkook made to find Kacey. It's not his fault that the girl kept canceling on him, he just needed to question her, that was all!

"Is she here?" Jungkook asked bluntly expecting to get a 'No she's sick' or a 'She's out of town.'

He was most definitely not expecting her to say, "Yes, actually. She's teaching a new routine to the kids today in practice room four."

"Oh, thank you I'll just take my leave- WAIT REALLY?!" Jungkook yells, excited that she was actually there.

The lady at the desk just laughs, "Yes really! Practice room four!"

"Finally!" Jungkook yells as he runs down the hallway like a child, stopping to check the signs to make sure that he didn't run past the room he was looking for.

Finally he arrived at the end of the hallway and stood in front of a tall, white door labeled "Practice Room Four."

"Here goes nothing." Jungkook muttered as he slowly opened the door only to be greeted with at least thirteen teenagers staring at him. He couldn't blame them though, what would you do if you saw a uniformed officer interrupting your dance class?

Jungkook sighed and just stood there, waiting for Kacey to finish whatever she was doing.

She spun around and noticed that all of her students were staring at the doorway, "What are you guys staring at?"

"Oooooh, that's what you're staring at." she said stupidly which honestly made Jungkook want to laugh, but he withheld his laughter for a another time, he had work to do.

"Ms. Jung, would you please come to the station for a while? We need to question you on some happenings in the area." Jungkook said trying to sound professional, but by the looks the teenagers gave him, his appearance didn't really match the words he was using. Whatever.

"Oh, um, sure." she said to Jungkook before addressing her students, "Make sure you practice that part of the routine until it's basically memorized okay?"

"Yes, miss!" the kids responded in unison making Kacey laugh.

"Well, let's go then miss." Jungkook said, opening the door for her.

"Yea, let's go."

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