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hey everyone.

it's my birthday today. i'm officially 'x' years of age.
i'm currently in the same bed as my best friend right now aha, she's trying to sleep but i keep bothering her about the holiday we're going on.

even though we're going on holiday, i'll be sure to update you on what i eat, because for sure, i'm going to listen to subliminals to help me sleep, due to the internet not going to be the best. i might even listen to some on the plane.

anyways. before i go on, i'm not bragging, so don't attack.

for my birthday, i got galaxy chocolate from my friend, - that i don't even talk to much anymore. she also gave me a tenner too, like ty i'm not broke anymore.

from my parents; even though i asked for a ukulele, and it would be super cool to have one, i got dan and phil ii plushies, which is so nice! they're so neat!!
it makes me wonder how they'll do phil's quiff on the plushie if they bring out more aha.

they also got me some money, i won't say too much, but lets say i'm so not broke anymore.

sorry, also, if i'm talking so life is strange rn, i watched too much trying to pass time until my friend came.

she actually got me a few things too; which were super nice.

she got me this bubble bath that smells super sweet, along with some new makeup brushes and a new beauty blender, she obviously got me a card and then got me a friendship bracelet. it joins up with hers and makes a heart with carved lettering in it.

it's really nice of her, our last friendship bracelet broke away due to it rusting so much, hers broke first and i just stopped wearing mine after.

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