If Walls Could Talk...

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Your POV.

"As the metal ring came into contact with my stinging face, I regretted every decision I had made.
The ring had swung and marked my mascara stained face with some more red patches more than likely leaving a bruise in the morning. The metallic taste of blood had swept into my mouth just before he made one more blow to my head knocking me out, dreading waking up in the morning and seeing what extra damage he's done to my once perfect body."

I shot up, my small body quivering in fear, my knees where brought up to my chest, and my arms hugged them so tightly. I suddenly flinched when I felt a pair of warm, loving arms wrap around me.
My arms had left my legs and had flung themselves in front of my face, protecting me from harm. Hearing a sigh, knowing what I had done looking into his pained eyes, I lowered my arms but kept my fists clenched.

I instantly recognise the face of my boyfriend. My Calum. My God did I love him.
He was the one who got me out of that abuse.
He was the one who got punched over and over while trying to help me.
He was the one who stayed up with me during the sleepless nights.
He was the one who always comforted me after every nightmare or panic attack.
He was the one who showed that he cares for me.
And for that I was forever grateful.

It had been a couple of months since he'd helped me leave that situation and because my "parents" didn't approve of my life choices they had left my life and didn't try and bother to contact me. So I didn't try and do the same with them.
Because I was staying in my abusive ex-boyfriends house I didn't buy one for myself, I never have. And because he thought (well told me) that I shouldn't get a job, I didn't and that's when I didn't have any money to buy my own place when I left.

But Calum has been so sweet, we were best friends from birth but since we went to different universities we didn't stay as close as we wanted to; we still remained friends though, going out for lunch every Thursday.

I have always had a crush on Calum, it died down after a few months, but after everything that's been going on again it had rekindled.
Unbeknownst to these feelings I sought guidance from my friends.

Micheal being the smart arse he was suggested making Calum jealous by going out to a club because apparently a few days prior Calum had confessed feelings for me to Michael.
Luke and Ashton has agreed, and Luke opened his big moth saying "even if you and cal-pal didn't want to go it's tough shit. It's three against two and for that observation I  call shotgun."

We had all laughed at his childish behaviour and went our ways to get changed.
I had a tight fitting black shirt on which reached half way down my torso and a short black skirt, along with my vans of course.

We had reached the club and gotten a few drinks down us before Luke suggested dancing and Ashton piped in saying "Michael should be the one that dances with her 'cos it was his idea"
Whilst I was dancing I kept sneaking glances at Calum, seeing him stiffen when I danced with his best friend was funny.

After a couple songs we retired back to the bar, noticing Calum wasn't there. Brushing it off I walked to the bathroom, only to be pushed into the wall by none other than Calum, he had startled me but it was worth it.

He started kissing my softly but with a lot of passion.
He had excused us from the boys coming up with the most lame excuse ever.
"Were really tired and need to be up early tomorrow"

He carried on with what he was doing before while we were in the taxi, once we left and struggled to open the front door, never breaking contact once.
Entering the house everything got a little bit heated and I think you know what happened next.

The End.

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