Valentines day.

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I waited at the curb of the school. Moving back and forth from my tip toes and back to the heel of my knee boots.  Emma was picking me up so that we could have lunch with Mary Margret at the diner. I pushed my straight bangs back and I crossed my arms. God she is taking forever. At least I have my other open now so I don’t have to go back to school for the the rest of the day. This day sucked anyways. It was Valentines day. I didn’t have a boyfriend so I didn’t really see the point in the day. Some of my friends gave me valentines but they were my friends, it wasnt the same.  Emma’s car pulled up and I walked off the curb and opened the door, getting inside. She took off and we were headed to the diner.
‘’Are you doing okay? With not being able to see Henry?’’I asked
Regina wouldn’t let Emma see Henry anymore. After she accused Regina of using city funds to build a house in the woods. It wasn’t true though, Regina was actually building a play area since she torn down Henrys Castle, making his book which was barried by the castle, disappear.
‘’Im fine. How is he?’’Emma said.
‘’He is fine. So do you think Mary Margret has been acting strange?’’I asked crossing my legs.
‘’What do you mean?’’
‘’I love my sister very much but she cant keep a secret, at all. And when she is I can see right threw her. There's something shes hiding’’I said
‘’What do you think shes hiding?’’
I shrugged my shoulders’’I don’t know but I purpose a investigation’’
Emma laughed’’I will put it under consideration’’
We got to the diner and Emma parked the car. We walked through the back since there as no parking in the front. We got inside and Emma walked in front of me.
‘’Hey David’’Emma said to David who was sitting at the booth across from the table that Mary Margret was sitting at.
‘’Hey’’David said.
‘’Hi David’’I said before sitting down.
‘’God job, Mary Margret. Grilled Cheese my favorite’’ I said grabbing the food and taking a bite of the best sandwich ever created.
‘’So how’s your day going?’’Emma asked
‘’Henry’s fine’’Mary Margret said
‘’That’s not what I asked you’’Emma said. Mary Margret gave her a look.
‘’Yes. He’s his normal self. Regina wont keep you separated forever’’
‘’Im not so sure about that.’’Mary Margret kicked me from under the table and  I glared at her.
‘’Actually shes right’’I said taking a fry and popping it in my mouth.
‘’When people are supposed to be together they find a way’’
I noticed that Mary Margret and David looked at each other
‘’So he’s his normal self. He’s fine, he’s happy’’
I looked at Emma who had a sad look on his face.
‘’He misses you! Hr told me himself this morning’’I said.
‘’Yeah he missed you. Trust me im with him like six hours a day’’
‘’Six hours. You take newborn's because I would love six hours off’’ I looked and saw Ashley. She was handing her baby to Granny.
‘’Ashley!’’I said. I hadn’t seen her since she had her baby.  We were friends, i met her through Ruby. She was a very sweet girl.
‘’I didn’t recognize you’’Mary Margret said.
‘’Baby on the outside’’Ashley said grabbing a chair and bringing it over so she could sit with us.
‘’How’s it going?’’Emma asked
‘’It’s uh, its uh, I mean the baby’s great. But we haven't had the time to do the whole getting married thing so that’s been rough. Sean's been working double shifts at the cannery’’
‘’Well he has to work’’Mary Margret said
‘’On valentines day. Yeah, he couldn’t get out of it’’
I gave her a sad smile. That must really suck.
‘’Im sorry, that sucks’’Emma said. Ruby came over and set a coffee cup in front of Ashley.
‘’It doesn't have to. Come out with me, lets have a girls night. Lets lets all go! Mary Margret, Liz, And Emma, if you leave the badge at home’’Ruby said.
‘’Im not in the party mood. But you guys  can all go. have fun’’
‘’I would go but im pretty sure your girls night consists of going to the bar and im not aloud in there.’’I said. Ruby walked away with a smile on her face. Mary Margret looked at me and Emma with betrayal written on her face. All in fun, I knew she wasn't really mad. I really couldn’t go, they will go to bars and I cant go in there.  I got up and went to go  see Alexandra, Ashely's daughter. I love children, I cant wait to have one in the future.
That night I took Emma's car to Mr.Clark's store to get some junk food. Since I don’t have love  might as well eat junk food and watch about love. I opened the door and I got a basket and I grabbed a bunch of junk food. Chips, Chocolate, Soda. The works. I stood in line, David was in front of me. He had bought two valentines day cards. Why would he buy two? He turned and gave me a smile.
‘’Hey Elizabeth’’David said.
‘’Hi, David’’I said. He left and I payed for my stuff before getting in the car. I think something is going on between Mary Margret and David. They gave each other multiple looks during lunch and 'buying two cards. Could they be seeing each other secretly? Is that her big secret she's keeping? I think its time to start a investigation. I should make a cool name for it like Henry! I pulled out of the parking lot thinking of a name for the investigation.

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