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Ethan's POV
I waited impatiently as Grayson was sitting next to me on the couch annoying me by his constant moving. Alivia was only going to be here in a couple minutes and I think this is the most nervous I've been. I was cut off of my thought by a doorbell ringing. I got off the couch and practically ran to the door to get it but Grayson got there before me. He opened the door and just looked at the girl that was standing on the doorway rocking in place a little. She looked at him and said, "Hi Grayson how are you?" He slowly backed away humming a little as I came up and he moved behind. "Sorry he's a little shy, so would you like to come in?" "Well I mean I came here to eat so I guess I have to come in" she said chuckling after. I stepped out of the way as I let her in. Soon my parents came around the corner and my mom said, "Hi Alivia I'm Lisa, this is my husband Sean, and as I heard you met Grayson. There also is Cameron but she's away at college right now." "Well it's very nice to meet you and your family" Alivia said smiling. "Well shall we go and eat now?" my mom asked. We all shook are head yes as we walked down the hallway. Grayson was by my dads side the whole way to the table and sat next to him as well. My brother is close to everyone in the house but is very close with my dad for some reason. We all sat down and started to eat. "So Alivia, how did meet Ethan?" My dad asked. "Well, it was after school and my mom said that she was going got come and pick me up but then said she was held over at work and said she wouldn't be able to make it so I just asked the closet person around which was Ethan" she said. "Well isn't that romantic" my dad said. I looked at my dad and said, "Don't you remember dad, I'm not into girls I'm into guys?" My dad looked up and said, "My bad, I mean that is very nice" smiling after a little bit. The thing I noticed with Alivia is that whenever Grayson would make a noise or do something with his body Alivia wouldn't look over. I don't really think I ever saw her stare at him. I mean she looked at him sometimes but not in a judging way. This surprised me actually because most people stare. Like when we got new neighbors a couple of years ago, the family came over and all the kids could do was stare. I just wanted to go over to this kids and just ask 'why are you staring? He's just like me and you' but couldn't do it. The next thing I knew, dinner was over and everyone was cleaning up. My mom was going upstairs with my brother and my dad was in the kitchen cleaning the dishes. "It's pretty late, so do you just want to stay over?" I asked. "Umm yeah just let me text my mom and tell her" she said. She took her phone out and texted her mom as we walked down to the basement to play some pool and then play the wii. "You know I'm surprised by you right now" I said. She looked up at me with a confused look and said why. "I mean whenever people meet Grayson they can't take there eyes off him. It's like he is the star whenever people come over. But you were different... you didn't really even stare at him... like at all. I mean you looked at him every once in a while but not in a judging way" I said. "Well I mean understand that he has autism and everything but that doesn't mean that I need to stare at him whenever he does something" she said. "The other thing is that you knew a lot of stuff like how he doesn't like loud noises so you talked to him in a softer tone" I said. She just kind of looked at me and went back to playing her turn on pool. "The only way you would've known all that stuff is if you knew someone with autism or you are a genius or something." She hit her ball and came around and sat down next to me and sighed. "Yes, I know- well knew someone who had autism" she said. I just looked at her to say in a way to finish her story. "I used to have a younger brother with autism. He wasn't as severe as your brother but he was nonverbal which your brothers not." I cut in and said, "Actually he is accounted as nonverbal because he doesn't really talk but finish your story." "Well as I was saying he was nonverbal. He did some of the rocking as your brother does and people would stare. I hated being seen out in public with him. I would always walk a couple of feet away from him to make it seem like I didn't know him. I would've totally never done those things or thought that way about him if I knew what was going to happen later" she said in a sad way. She took a deep breath and finished her story, "As I said I 'knew' him. He was in a car accident with my father and they both died instantly. My mom was never he same after that. Man that actually feels good getting that off my chest she said" making a very small and quit chuckle. "Wow I'm so sorry" I said. She just shook her head and said it was ok. "But this is the first time that I actually met someone who I can trust with telling them things who actually understands autism" I said. She looked up and me and smiled a little bit and said, "I agree."

That was part 4! I hope I'm doing ok in this my views are going down but I don't really care

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