'ʟɪᴋᴇ ᴛʜᴇ sᴄᴏᴏʙʏ ɢᴀɴɢ?'

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Daphne was working her usual Monday shift at Pop's when the bell rang. She looked at her watch, 4:35pm. The same time,  every shift, Reggie always visits the young girl. He told her it was just so he could get food but they both knew it was so he could spend time with her.

"How's my favorite waitress doing?" Reggie asked with a grin on his face. He placed himself on the bar stool at the counter, directly in front of Daphne,

"Sam's not in today." Daphne laughed. Reggie tolled his eyes at the girl and shook his head. He always did this whenever Daphne was being a total dork. Laugh into the floor and 'turn on the smoulder'. It always put a smile on both of their faces.

"I meant you, Munch." He said, beaming up at the girl. Daphne turned on her heel to the kitchen to get Reggie's usual. She frowned as she faced the Bulldog again.

"I hate that name." She tried her best to look angry but couldn't with Reggie pulling faces in front of her. She placed his fries and chocolate shake on the counter and rested her elbows down, her face being squished by her hands. There wasn't too many customers, still many people being scared about what happened with Fred Andrews and the Black Hood.

"Well then... Grow a bit." Daphne rolled her eyes at his snide comment. Grow a bit. As if she could grow, it hadn't happened since the start of highschool. Daphne was about to reply back when the bell rang once more. She lifted her head up about to greet them when she saw the leather huddle move as one and into a booth. Reggie looked back over his shoulder to see what she was staring at. The Southside rarely came here. Which Daphne  didn't understand, the same why she didn't understand this huge feud between the two sides. Maybe it's because she was in the middle of the two.

"Serpents." Reggie spat, a look of disgust crawling on his face. She smiled weakly at him, not even knowing what to say. Reggie knew she grew up on the Southside but not anything more.

"I'll be back." Daphne moved from around the counter with her pen and paper, swinging her  hips to the light jazz Pop always had playing. She hummed along quietly as she moved towards the leather. She soon noticed that they were roughly her age and... wet? 

Daphne reached the table and smiled at the three; a light skinned girl with brown hair and hints of pink, a small tan boy with the cutest doe eyes she had ever seen and the tallest one, his hair slicked back minus the curl that reached just above his eyebrow. It suited him a lot; very Danny Zuko.

"Welcome to Pop's, what can I get you?" She spoke in a tone that wasn't too preppy. She didn't really need to put on that mask for them it seemed, but if it was someone else she probably would. And not only because they're Southsiders but because she felt at ease when the girl smiled at her brightly,

"Strawberry shake and onion rings for me, please." She was very pretty. Daphne admired her caramel complexion glistening in the sun.  She nodded and began scribbling it down messily; Pop was used to Daphne's hurried writing. She looked over at the taller boy but he didn't make eye contact with her. So, she turned her attention to the doe-eyed boy,

"Strawberry shake too but can I have a cherry on top? And extra whip cream? Maybe a burger too." Daphne chuckled as he got excited over all the extras. Once again, she looked at the taller boy,

"Anything I can get you?" His eyebrows furrowed slightly as he maintained the hard eye contact with Daphne, as if he was studying her.

"Chocolate shake and lemme get some fries." He turned his eyes back to his hands on the table where he twisted the snake ring around his index finger,

"Of course that'll be coming very shortly." She spun round on her heel and back to the counter to Pop, giving him the food order as she made the drinks.

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