Born Of Fire

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Born Of Fire 


"Come on Ember! Hurry up!" Phoenix called back to the young girl climbing a small log behind him.

"I don't need to hurry, you need to slow down! It's not fair. Your legs are longer than mine Phoenix!" whined the small raven haired girl about fifteen yards behind him. They looked strikingly similar, the two of them, trudging through the forest. He was tall for his fourteen years, shoulder length black hair that always looked unkempt, lean and gangly limbs that were a bit long for his frame, even with his height. But his eyes were definitely the feature that everyone noticed, a piercing blue like the summer sky. It was most assuredly a rarity among the native people in the nation of Yaag. Tanned skin, dark hair and eyes were traits of people in their country.

She scampered along behind him, hopping the occasional fallen branch with twigs breaking under her feet. She looked the same as he, including the eyes, which he knew would cause a problem when she reached marrying age. {I'm going to be beating suitors away with a stick thanks to her.} Her hair reached the middle of her back, a razor never having touched it in her nine years. She was under the impression that they were siblings, as his father had wanted it. The truth was, she was his cousin. Her mother, his fathers younger sister, had died giving birth to her. She wasn't aware of this, even though she was the only one in the entire village that could control the air. He leaned against a tree and waited for her to catch up, watching as she tried to jump a fallen tree trunk, but she landed on it with her stomach.

"Oof," she wheezed. "Phoenix, help me please?"

With a laugh he walked over to her and inspected her position on the log. "Wow short stuff, that little log got you stuck?"

He had served as her protector all these years, watching her to make sure she developed her control of air well.

Her face turned into an adorable scowl, her slight curls shaking as she spoke. "It's not little! I'm the little one here and I can't do it, please help me?"

He reached down, caught her under the arms and hauled her over, placing her on his shoulders where she gripped his hair tightly. All the way to the small river he carried her, and then put her down to sit on a small, charred black tree trunk.

She watched as he stretched, then piped up with her tiny voice. "What are you working on today Phoenix?"

"The orbs. I'm still having a problem controlling them once I throw."

"But orbs are easy, even I can do orbs, see?" 

She stretched her hand away from herself, palm upward. She closed her eyes and concentrated, until air started whispering around her each of her fingertips with a tiny 'whoosh' of displaced air, first one, then another, and another. Finally creating a sustained flow , that fed into a small ball of air that swirled above her palm.

"Not bad Ember," interrupted Phoenix, jarring her concentration, making the air trapped in her hand dissipate. "Let me show you a real orb."

He stood stock still, eyes closed in concentration with his hands at his sides. After a few seconds, the atmosphere around him began to crackle and heat up, all the moisture suddenly gone from the air around his body. Opening his eyes, he stretched forth both of his hands, and a large spark shot from each finger into the orb that was quickly growing larger in each palm. Pouncing forward he crouched, orbs still in hand, and threw them toward the river. They sizzled as they made contact with the surface of the water, but he was already moving on to the next orbs filling his hands. He once more turned to Ember, and shot both orbs toward her, which made her scream and fall backward off the stump she was sitting on.