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so felix ...
are you in a better
mood today ?
I'm so lonely and it's boring ):

Sorry I'm really busy.
maybe tomorrow I have time
to talk to you !

well don't wonder if I don't
respond tomorrow either.
I'm pretty busy all the time.
wanted to use my free time
making friends.
well whatever bye felix !

I don't really care changbin,
But whatever ok

Can I call you Felix?
Pls I'm like really really
bored ?

why ?
Wait aren't you
like busy today ?

Oh my friend canceled
last minute today ):
I'm really bored now :/

ugh fine .

'hii ?' Felix answered
the phone.
'hiiii lixie ,I can call
you that right ?'
changbin replied.

'If that makes you happy ,
sure ok .'
The older giggled.
'so what are you doing, Changbin?'

'would you maybe mind calling
me binnie ?'
he then just asked
ignoring the question.

was all Felix replied,
he then just sighed.
' this is boring , changbin .'
the younger than said ignoring that changbin wants to be
called binnie.

'Binnie still sounds cuter...
also I don't know what to talk
about and can I just
say that your voice is like really hot .'

'Thanks I guess
I could say you sound cute,
but that's pretty weird since you're
older then me.'

changbin once again
laughed which
sounds really cute not to mention.

'Felix I'm like really tiny
and I may can fight and my voice apparently sounds hot when I
rap, but I remain a cutie no
matter what.'

Felix laughed thinking
about changbin

He thinks the guy must be joking.
A guy with such a cute voice could
never sound hot while rapping
,could he ?

the younger told the older
about his thoughts
and changbin promised him,
he will call tomorrow again and
will rap for felix .

They ended the call and both soon got to sleep.


Hiii (:

I hate this story already ):

-lucy ✰

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