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"You can teleport," Clancy said as if he was surprised you could actually do it. "Teleport back into your cage," he said and Alex did the same as she did last time, she imagined everything perfectly and just like that Alex was back in her cage like magic, well it kinda was magic. "Incredible, how is this even possible?" Clancy asked Dr Connor. "How is anything that children can do possible," Dr Connor replied. "Good point," was Clancy said in reply. "How did not know about this before Alex, it doesn't matter do it again," Clancy said. 

This time Alex a plan, instead of imaging Lily's cage, she imagined the room Liam, Chubs and Zu were in. She thought of every little detail. How cold it was, to the boarded up window. Then again like magic she was back in the room occupied by her friends. "Liam," Alex said as she walked over to the cag he was in. "Alex, how did you do that?" HE asked. "I'll explain later but right now we need to get out of here, wait where's Zu?" She asked. "Evie took her, most likely to Clancy," Chubs explained. "So, she was working with Clancy. Okay so we get Zu, then Lily, then we get out of here," she said, semi-explaining her plan. "Who's Lily?" Chubs asked as Alex used her powers to open their cages. "My sister," she said, after she opened Chubs' cage and moving onto Liam's. "I didn't know you had a sister," the green said I reply. "Yeah well its kinda a long story so I tend not to talk about it that much," she said as she finally opened Liam's cage. As soon as she did she immediately ran into his arms. "I thought I lost you," Liam said, as he held her tighter. "I'd never leave you, you should know that by now," Alex replied. 

"Not to break up this lovely moment or anything but how do we get of this room exactly," Chubs interrupted.  "Gimme a minute," she replied before suddenly vanishing. Alex was directly outside the room and out of pure instinct into the key pad she typed 067450 and the door opened. "That's how were gonna get out of here," she said as the door swung open.  "Neat," Chubs said as he walked past Alex. "Which way?" he asked as Liam joined them in the doorway. "You're the green, mate," Liam said. "Fair enough, uuummm this way," he said as he took a left. 

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