Chapter 12

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I ran back to my dorm locking the door behind me. I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding and shrunk against the door holding my knees.

I know he was just trying to help but I've survived on my own for so long it was weird to have someone care for me, plus if I did choose Natsu it would be my dream or him. I had worked so hard to be able to get into Fairy Tail so I wouldn't waste it on a boy. 

My dorm room was empty so I crawled onto my bed and stared at the ceiling for an eternity almost falling asleep before someone came and knocked on my door.

I had forgotten to lock it so I heard it opening, I quickly shut my eyes and my blanket pretending to sleep. I didn't want to be interrogated by Lisanna right now.

Footsteps walked lightly towards me and I felt someone sit on the bed dipping it. I peeked through my eyelashes and almost jumped when I saw Natsu. 

He sat with his elbows over his knees and stared at the ground beneath him. 

"Lucy, I dont know what to do. " He almost whispered and I could feel his eyes on my face. 

Shoot! I forgot its almost time for training again and I need to get ready. 

I knew Natsu would wake me up since I had training so I continued to pretend to sleep.

" Get some rest" He kissed the palm of my hand before I heard the door close again.

I sat straight up in shock feeling my hand and wondering if I should go to class or not. I mean, my classes for the rest of the evening was with Natsu so I figured I'd take a break from classes and do some final sorting of my belongings. 

The rest of the evening consisted of me being very confused over Natsu's actions and contemplating what to do when we next met. 

Eventually it was time for dinner and I changed into a fresh set of clothes before heading to the cafeteria where Lisanna would interrogate me about this afternoons absence. 

The cafeteria was noisy when I entered but as soon as people noticed me, they started to whisper amongst themselves and many stared at me. 

My face was in confusion and luckily Lisanna pulled me with her to her table.

"Lis, whats going on?" People had started chattering again but I was more confused than ever.

" Where were you this afternoon?!" She nearly yelled at me.

" We've only been here a few days so when you dont show up to class people were getting very curious. Lucy don't do that again, it makes people question if you really want to get into Fairy Tail." She handed me an apple while explaining the situation which I thought was over exaggerated. 

" I was taking a nap and I lost track of time." I lied to her not wanting to get into any details.

" But I wont do it again I promise". Great, now if everyone hates me I'm gonna blame Natsu for this. 

" I was so worried about you but you know what else was weird?"


" When you werent here neither was Natsu........oh my gosh you guys werent doing anything right" Her gasp was so loud a few people turned our way.

" No Lisanna thats impossible we didnt do anything. I would never do such a thing" I patted her knee erasing that look off her face.

" Whew, thank goodness, I think he's too cold for you" 

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