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yuchan is currently arguing with his boyfriend, chenle. yuchan kept something from him that caused this whole thing to happen. if he told him, would they be in this position right now?"

"lele im sorry i didnt tell you! i didnt think it was important enough for you to know!" chenle looked at him in disbelief. "are you kidding me? not important enough? chan i want to know everything! im so sick of it. i dont want anymore lies." chenle started walking away, but yuchan grabbed his arm and turned him around. "it wasnt a lie!" chenle pulled out of yuchans grip and faced the other. "then what was it?" yuchan sighed. "i kissed changbin, yes. he kissed me first! i didnt know what to do, i was scared. and it meant nothing! and thats the truth! how was it a lie?" yuchan said staring at the boy hoping he would forgive him. but then again, why would he? "chan i'm done. we're done." chenle went towards the door and opened it "what?" "i said. we're done." he slammed the door and yuchan started crying. he let himself fall on the wall, onto the ground.
'what have i done?'

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well my relationships over.

i'm incredibly sorry - jae

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