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Louist91, zayn, liampayne and 928,729 others liked this post


@harrystyles: im not as good at this as lou is but im ganna try. I love you @louist91 and like you said so perfectly we've been through so so much shit over the 8 years of us dating but your still the same person i fell in love with on xfactor. Happy Valentine's day having a great day so far, x❤

P.S. i love you

@larrysfit: this is so cute

@1d4lofe: that beautiful harry

@annetwist: happy Valentine's day baby hope you and louis can come visit me soon

@ihatehets: i love this its so cute

@harrystyles: of cause we will mum promise but not today im not ment to be replying lous on the toilet

@larrryyy: harry does not care

@louist91: who said i was in the toilet i said im going upstairs not to the toilet

@larrylarrylarry: HARRY GO UPSTAIRS NOW

@annetwist: harry Edward styles go upstairs to your boyfriend on Valentine's day or lord help me

@lazza: @annetwist i thought you didnt want to know about their sex life

@annetwist: I'll let it slide for today @lazza it is Valentine's day

@lazza: ok fair enough

@niallhoran: harry up now go

@harrystyles: 😳

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