Heartbreak Girl...

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Your POV.

Again and again. It was like a bloody loop. He would be with a girl and a couple weeks later she'd dump him. Why? Because she "found" some one new.  Truth, she was secretly cheating all along.

This happened over and over, so it was almost like a routine. His relationships never did last long, maybe two weeks or so.  Me and Luke had been best friends since nursery because our mums were close friends and pregnant at the same time. Also we were born on the same day, but he was 1:30am and I was 3:00am.

We were almost like twins, him being the older one took on an older brother role, stopping me from talking to almost every boy in our school.

For months on end had I watched the loops of his breakups.  I always had our favourite, cookie dough ice cream in the freezer, film in my laptop, blankets on the couch in my room which folds into a bed where he sleeps when he stays the night.
But it was safe to say that me and Luke where nothing more than twins, just from different parents.

That all changed one day, the day I had my first breakup. Luke has finally stopped being so over protective, and I had somehow managed to get our friends, Ashton Micheal and Calum to calm down and let me go.
I finally knew how Luke felt after all his breakups. It was horrible. That was the best and worst night of my life.

It was the worst night because I had my very first breakup. I had really liked him. But I guess it wasn't mutual.
On the other hand it was my best night ever! I had finally realised what this funny butterfly feeling was in my stomach. I realised it was my feelings for Luke.

After watching and helping him heal all these times. Showing him nothing but love and support, I finally knew what it was like to get those same feelings returned to me.

Really confused I went to speak with Ashton about all of this. Not because I trust him the most. No. It's because he should know what to do, shouldn't he? After all he is only two years older, I'm sure he would have felt something like this.

After speaking with Ashton and getting no help from him, I went to Mikey and came back with the same results. No help from either. I only had one person to go to. Calum. He was the closest to Luke and I was scared he would mention something.
Thankfully the only useful thing Ash and Mikey would do is tell Calum so I don't have to. Again.
Calum actually came up with some helpful information for once. He had advised me what to do and I did exactly that. He had also told me that Luke had had a crush on me for a while now, which caused my cheeks to blush and my hand to his Ashton when he made his snarky remark.

A couple of days later, when I had gotten over that breakup and Luke didn't have a girlfriend I asked him.
Well I sorta asked him. I'd left a note on his bed. And no I'm not showing you because it's really cheesy and cliché. Anyway, Luke had seen the note and asked Mikey about it. We were all in on the plan, me, Ashton and Calum where standing outside Luke's room as he quizzed Micheal on the note. When Michael tells Luke to turn over the note he looks skeptic but does it anyway.

Luke opens his bedside cabinet like the note instructs and takes out a bouquet of roses. A sharp thought passes through Luke's mind, "Aren't these y/n's favourite flowers?" He shakes his mind clear of thoughts and reads the card on the roses, rolling his eyes at this game and glaring at a giggling Micheal.

I stood there on the other side of Luke's door listening to him and Micheal and at one point I swear I heard him roll his eyes at Mikey. The door handle jiggled and swung open. Leaving Luke staring at me, my god did he look good, the rest of the boys took that as a cue to leave, right after Calum says "stay safe, and don't hurt her or we'll hurt you!" Whilst pointing a finger at Luke and Michael and Ashton nodding their heads in agreement, I softly laughed and Luke looked shocked but great full that I had friends who truly did care and look out for me.


Luke's POV.

I was glaring at Michael for making me do this. I looked like an idiot in this tux, and the worst part is he won't tell my why I'm wearing it. Damn him I'll just have to kill him later.

My impatience intensified and Michael kept sniggering. Ugh, why am I friends with him?
I got to a bouquet of roses, "Aren't these y/n's favourite flowers?" I quietly sighed and pushed the thought away as I read what was hoped to be the last card.

The card read, "Look out of your bedroom door!"
Mentally groaning for what should be the billionth time this day, I twisted the door handle while Michael looked like an exited puppy. Man that guy is weird.

As soon as I swung open the door, my eyes where met with the most beautiful sight. Y/n was wearing the black dress with roses I had bought her on her birthday.

She was the most beautiful person ever

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She was the most beautiful person ever. I finally figured out what was happening. Se was asking me on a date, I answered quickly, a bit too quickly might I add. Nonetheless we had fun and we only progressed as a couple and friends.

The End.

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