“How do you know,” he asked with narrowed eyes.

            “She told me she did,” I said with a smile.

            “Wow,” he said with a dreamy expression on his face.

            “What’s he so mushy about,” Josh asked after he walked in.

            “Emma,” I said simply.

            “Ahh,” he said as he grabbed a pear and bit into it.

            “Kid don’t you wear clothes,” Dad asked him as he looked at Josh who was only wearing boxers.

            “I don’t like clothes,” Josh said as he continued to eat.

            “I’m going down to the beach. I’ll see you guys later,” I said escaping the bickering. I walked out the door and then down the path to the beach.

            When I made it the waterline I sat down. I always made sure to come out here. It had to be the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. This was the most peaceful place on earth to me.

            I watched the wave’s crash onto the sand and shivered a little when it hit me. After a few minutes I heard footsteps and looked up to see Aidan walking towards me. It always seemed to sneak up on me just how handsome he is.

            “Hey,” he said quietly as he sat down beside me.

            “Hi,” I said back as I rested my head on his shoulder.

            “What are you doing out here,” he asked.

            “Just getting some peace,” I said with a sigh as I looked up into his bright blue eyes.

            “This is the perfect place for it,” he said laughing a little.

            “I love you Aidan,” I said after staring at him for a minute.

            “I love you to,” he said as his eyes softened.

            “I’m glad we got stuck together on that project.”

            “Me to,” he said as he pulled me into his lap before wrapping his arms tight around me.

            “I can’t imagine not having you,” I said as I kissed his cheek.

            “That’s one thing I can definitely agree with. You are the best thing I will ever be gifted with,” he whispered with his eyes on mine.

            “Do you think we’ll make it in the long run,” I asked him.

            “Absolutely,” he told me confidently.

            “Why,” I asked.

            “Because I truly believe that our love is strong enough,” he said with determination in his eyes.

            “I’m scared about college. Everyone says that high school sweethearts break up when they go to college,” I told him.

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