Chapter 10| Faith

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Now scram, children.


Annabelle's P.O.V

The mirror started to cloud again with mist as my eyes locked with wide black ones looking back at me.

My hands shaked as they lifted with hesitancy to brush over my throat, my mouth failed to form words as my eyes ran over the rope mark around my neck, the skin in the middle red and raw, I took a few steps back as I slipped and fell on the bathroom floor.

My hand clutched my neck as I hyperventilated, too scared that my vision could be tricking me, what- what even is this? Did I not see it before due to the turtle-neck I wore?


The rope snaked around my neck, her hands clenching tighter and tighter until I could not breathe, I scratched and screamed but none worked as I struggled to grasp air and feed it to my lungs.


My heavy breathing increased as the nightmare returned again, I could sense a panic attack as I refused to accept that she did this to my neck, she can't; she's dead-

Knock knock.

I jumped out of my thoughts as the loud knocking caused me to jump up to my feet, clenching the towel around my body as my legs refused to stabilise beneath me, my breaths became rapid and I could sense the painful tears prick my eyes as I backed away from the bathroom door, no- no go away!

"Anna?! Dear, open the door!" I heard my mom's voice from the other side, causing my heart beat to decrease, a wave of relief brushing over my body, my bones still ached from the panic that rushed the adrinaline into my viens.

"Anna? Please answer me, I heard screaming!" She pleaded, and my heart ached as I made her worry and rush here for nothing, I quickly grabbed another towel as I lifted it up my face, I opened the bathroom lock, my damp hair stuck to my back and seeped the water into the towel, covering my neck from behind as the towel in my hand covered it from front.

My mum entered the bathroom, her big blue eyes landed on me as she inspected me to make sure I'm okay, a sigh of relief leaving her lips once she saw that I was okay, "What the hell was that, Anna?! You scared the crap out of me, why did you scream?"

"Sorry, I thought I saw a rat... But, I was wrong." I muttered, lowering the towel to reveal my red face from the warm shower but still cover my neck, her stern eyes locked with mine before a sigh left her lips.

"God, Anna..." She trailed off, closing her eyes, as she composed herself, "At least you're okay." She opened her eyes again for her warm gaze to meet mine, her eyes managed to calm me down out of my panic, I honestly felt so suffocated, I wanted to cry, I wanted to scream, I'm so scared, but I can't do that infront of her.

I gave her a small smile, as she returned it, "Go dry your hair before your cold gets worse." She ruffled my thick wet hair awkwardly and I just chuckled, "I'm downstairs getting some work done, okay?"

I nodded as she left the bathroom, closing the door behind her.

I glanced back at the mirror, dropping the towel to reveal the same mark I saw on my neck still holding it's place, I sat on the ground as I hugged my knees to my chest.

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