New Guy

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It felt like I was at David's more than at my own house. It wasn't far thankfully and he called you over to meet someone new to the vlog family.

It was a huge relief because I was joined too fast and sudden that I was uncomfortable being the latest one.

He had invited me over which I gladly accepted. He also said that he wanted me to meet the guy. From what I understood, he gives hair cuts and sarcasm galore.

I let myself in and walked down David's wood floors and looked at my surroundings.

While there David was talking to a tall guy who seemed to have some accent. He was also wearing a black cap but seemed slightly built.

"Oh there she is right now-Y/N!",David yelled as he put his hand for me to come. I walked up to the men and looked at the hot guy and the other hot guy.

"Hey I'm a huge fan but I'm also Jeff. I'm new to the group so that's why you haven't seen much of me,"a handsome guy shook my hand as I smiled at him.

Damn I should've strengthened the "open relationship" more too David. All jokes aside, Jeff seemed like a nice guy. With nice abs. And beautiful hair. Fuckk.

If I ruin their friendship, could that be a loophole to David's "don't date my friends" rule? Because this guy was like,wow.

"You did SNL with Pete Davidson and he's from Staten Island so,"he did a motion with his hands and I  laughed a little too hard for David's liking. It wasn't even that funny but I couldn't help it. David stared at me and back at Jeff for maybe 5 times and I tried ignoring it for the sake of the conversation happening.

"Thanks,Jeff. It's very nice to meet you,"I chuckled as he smiled. He was very handsome I had to admit. David seemed to think I had to admit because he kept glaring.

David waited for me to finish with his arms crossed but Jeff had asked  a great question and I delightfully answered and continued the conversation. David rolled his eyes and plopped on the couch,placed in front of our conversation,with his camera.

David's eyes lit up as he got an idea for his vlog.

"Hey Jeff. I had an idea for a bit where I shoot you with a paintball so are you allergic to anything in paintballs?"

"No? Does it have to be paintballs?",Jeff asked with concern. My eyebrow rose as David looked quite sinisterly. As if he had just gotten the idea right then and there. 

"Yes,"David insisted.

"Well I mean it's fucking paint so no I'm not allergic,"Jeff nervously laughed.

"That's good. Y/N can I talk to you?,"David brushed past Jeff and led me to his room. His grasp was firm but felt as if my mom or Blanca was gonna lecture me.

I stood dazed by the sudden movement and my eyes went to his bed. It was surprisingly clean but I guess that was to be acknowledged for Natalie for that. His sheets looked soft and of course it was black.

"You can sit if you want,"David said setting his camera down.

"Thanks David,"I said sitting on his bed. I touched the sheets and laid back on his mattress. I couldn't help but close my eyes and let my limbs fail to do anything.

"So,"he said awkwardly,"You like Jeff?"

"Yeah he's a cool guy,"I said blandly. There was no way he could be jealous of Jeff. Or doing this paintball thing because of being jealous. Or even having a reason to be jealous.

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