28: Seth Hoying

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He stood in tan slacks and a creased button up, his blue eyes wide and a fake, ignorant smile plastered on his face. The mere sight of him pissed me off and if I didn't have Mitch standing behind me, I'd have punched my father square in the face and wiped that stupid smirk out of existence.
He started to pretend to miss me; claiming that he had spent the last ten years looking for me after he divorced mom. I just scoffed and asked if he knew where mom was and when he said no, I replied with a 'neither do I' and asked him to say hi to her when he saw her in hell.
I felt Mitch grab my hand and feeling him so close almost instantly calmed me down. "You need to leave, Seth," I told dad. "You are not welcomed in my house."
"Why? I'm your father-"
"You stopped being my father when you got drunk and beat the shit out of mom. You stopped being my father when you left and never came back," I hissed, stepping foreword and eyeing the elderly man down. I hated how much of a resemblance we held to each other and every bit of me, after today, wanted to change everything about myself to not having anything to do with him. "You're not my father, Seth."
"That's not my name. But you wouldn't know that, would you? After all, you did leave us pretty early, didn't you? I won't say it again, Seth; get the fuck-"  
"Daddy?" I instantly froze at the sound of Wesley's quiet and trembling voice. I turned and we saw him standing in the foyer with wide eyes and a frown on his face.
Mitch shook his head, his hand on my arm. "It's okay," he assured me before picking Wesley up and kissing his cheek. "Come on, Handsome, let's go make a snack. Do you want Dino nuggets?"
Wesley nodded, "please! With cheese?"
When they disappeared into the kitchen, James chuckled. "What the hell are you laughing at?" I asked, my jaw locked as I kept my voice lowered so Wesley wouldn't hear.
"He yours?"
"What the hells that supposed to mean?"
He shook his head, "chicken nuggets with cheese used to be the only thing you'd eat, growing up. We— your mother and I joked so much over who got you onto that."
I felt my emotions grow at that. The sudden 'normal' conversation we were having pissed me off, but it was the first time I've heard anyone talk about my childhood in years. I had blocked so much of it out, that it wasn't until Seth brought up the fact that he and mom weren't always fighting, did I remember the good times we had.
I just scoffed. "Get out, Seth. You aren't welcomed here; ever."
"I— I'm sorry, Scott. I just— I want to make it up to you,"
"Yeah? Well maybe you shouldn't have showed up, announced and drunk. Better yet, maybe you shouldn't have hurt us in the first damn place."

Mitch PoV
I walked out to the backyard to see Scott watching Wesley as he played in the dirt. Scott, after his fight with his dad, had come out and acted like nothing happened as he and Wesley built a dirt race track for our son's trucks. While I appreciated Scott trying to act normal for Wes, I could tell it was hurting him as he retired to keep his emotions down.
I squeezed his hand. "How are you?"
"I'm alright," he rested his head on my shoulder. "I'll be fine, don't worry."
I knew better than to try to fight Scott on that. When he isn't willing to talk about the issue, I learned that trying to push him into it only leads to massive fights. So, instead of bringing up his father again, I nodded and kissed his hand. "I'm here if you need to talk,"
He nodded, "I know. I— I love you,"
"I love you so much."
After that, we sat and watched Wesley play in a world of his own for what felt like hours before I decided it was time for his bath and for dinner. So while I started dinner, Scott got Wesley into a bath and when he came out of the bathroom, leaving the door open so we can see Wes, I offered him a bite of the chicken pasta I was making.
He nodded and leaned across the counter, taking a bite and complimenting on the flavour with a warm smile. It was as we were setting plates out, however, did the mood change.
"Can I— can I ask you something, Mitch?"
"Of course, love. What's up?"
"Why didn't you tell me about Wesley sooner?"


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