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1 month later

David and I were exhausted. We didn't know how hard it would be to handle Hannah(the babies name). She was already a month old. We were happy and stuff but we needed a break. To go out, and do our late night runs. My stomach got back to normal-ish.
"David why don't we go out tonight and let josh take care of our baby? They already said yes!" I say trying to convince him. He just starts wiggling his eyes. "I guess. You no I could never say no to you baby." He says kissing my forehead. "Aw, I love you." "I love you too

A couple hours later we had dropped off Hannah. And kissed her by. This was the first time me and David left Hannah. I was scared a little but I knew josh could handle it!

We are in the car and he starts talking. "Babe, what do you want to do?" He says. I say there thinking for a moment. I get up on my phone and google some ideas. It says
Arts crafts
Theme park
Hunted house

A movie didn't sound to bad. I loved movies. But I don't know what was playing on movies.

Bird box (I know the movie is getting kinda old but hey just deal wit it)

It sounds okay.

We walk in. Hardly anybody was there. Just a couple of guys and like 2 girls. We were watching and this guy comes up to me. I can tell David was tensing up already. Omg here we go.
"Hey, what's your name?" He says as he sits next to me.
"Um, I'm married." I say shaking
"Let me guess to him." He says pointing to David
"Yah." I say grabbing David's hand and holding it.

"Okay bro, enough is enough. Get out of here. She is married and just had my kid. Go make someone else feel uncomfortable." David says with a cocky smile.

The guy left and soon after David and I did as well.

What a stupid night

Part 2 tomorrow!

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