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Hey guys, so this story is going to be way different from tvd, might not even have to do with the show.
Ok so here is what's going to be different in my story.
-Damon does NOT like Elena, he only sees her as a friend. Same with Elena.
-Elena never left Stefan so they are TOGETHER
- the mikaelsons are great friends with the Scooby doo gang
- tvd vampire are more beautiful than the cold ones
- tvd vamps can have kids ( you'll know why and how soon)
- both salvatore brothers actually like each other
- NO ONE DIES ( not like in the shows)
- damon may act differently with ruby ( a cute adorable different)
- Elena is a vampire but she isn't sired to Damon CAUSE SHE Doesn't LIKE HIM THAT WAY
- witches can be immortal if they chose too ( so Bonnie stopped aging at 22)
- this book is set after breaking dawn pt. 2
And there might be other more that I forgot to mention.
I hope you guys like this story and I'm really sorry if you find any spelling mistakes.
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