Chapter 2

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**Hailey's POV**

We finally arrived at the airport and bought our tickets to LA. Then we went through security.

Once we were done we waited for the plane.

"Do you want to talk about it?" I shook my head no.

"Okay when you do, I'll be here for you."

"Thanks Kiki!" He laughed at the nickname I gave him.

"No problem Hails." He said while hugging me.

While Kian and I were waiting my phone kept beeping.

I unlocked my phone and saw that I had so many texts.
30 messages from Nash

41 from Matt, Shawn, and Aaron.

5 from Hayes

10 from the other boys.

6 from Celia.

I decided to read the texts, since I had nothing else to do.

Nash😒: Hails please come back.
Nash😒: Pleasee I'm so sorry. I've been a terrible brother.
Nash😒: I'm begging you Hailey please 🍩 leave.
Nash😒: Haha you see what I did there.

Oh wow Nash.

Nash😒: Anyways I know you'll just ignore me but please.

All of the other texts were just a repeat of what he already said. So I then read the group convo that I had with Matt, Aaron, and Shawn.

Mattchu🙈: Hailey, all of the guys feel terrible. Please come back.

Dat Canadian boy🍂: ^^Yeah what he said. We really do miss you.

Bestieee💁: We can't live without you. Pwease..

Mattchu🙈: Hails why aren't you answering.

Dat Canadian boy🍂: She's probably ignoring us stupid.

Mattchu🙈: she'd never ignore me. Right hails?

Bestieee💁: yes Matt she would ignore u. Cuz she loves me more than anyone else😌

Dat Canadian boy🍂: hahaha... SIKE!!

Mattchu🙈: I feel so unloved😭😭💔

Bestieee💁: are we seriously texting each other when we're right next to each other?

Mattchu🙈: yeah cuz were that cool😎

Their other messages were just them arguing so I answered.

Me: Hello my peasants

Mattchu🙈: YOURE ALIVE!!!!

Bestieee💁: no shit Matt. But hails where r u?

Dat Canadian boy🍂: MATTHEW STOP YELLING IN MY EAR! Please tell me you're coming back.

Mattchu🙈: you two r mean

Me: haha I'm gonna miss you guys and ur stupidness. Please don't tell Nash and them, but Im moving to LA.

Dat Canadian boy🍂: why?!

Me: cuz I need to have a fresh start. I'll text u guys all the time tho. Plus Andrea, Jenn, and all of them live there.

Bestieee💁: awe hailey. But what about our best friend days?

Mattchu🙈: yeah what're we gonna do about our days? P.s sorry about kicking you earlier. They were forcing us and we should've stood up for you, but we didn't.

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