Chapter Twenty One

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Biting my lip nervously, I lingered in front of the Alpha's office door. He was in there with Robby. I know because I've been waiting for the moment they were both together in private. I haven't talked to Robby in three days. I haven't talked to anyone really. Mom was preoccupied with arranging a shotgun Ceremony with the Luna. A ceremony I had no say in.

It was unfair and I felt like I was being mistreated. Which isn't much of a surprise. I'm only the runt, apparently we're not supposed to have feelings.

Taking a final deep breath, I pushed the door open without knocking and stormed in like my palms weren't damp with sweat.

"Torin," Robby was quick to stand, his eyes lighting up a little. I looked him over dismissively. I've missed him a little or... a lot. But I'm still upset with what he said. To me, the Mating Ceremony was more than just a few meaningless words. I wanted it to be spectacular.

Turning from him, I stared down the Alpha who looked at me with his brows raised. "Alpha," I hesitated a little. It was always hard to talk freely to such a dominant male that isn't Robby. My instincts want me to be submissive. "I'm not completing my Mating and no one can make me!" I squeaked out all in one breathe.

The male was silent and I was too scared to look at Robby. Surely he'll be upset but I already am. They're treating my Ceremony like I've been knocked up and they want to keep it a secret. Like they want to keep me a secret.

"Just because I'm a runt, doesn't mean I deserve less. I'll be the packs Luna and my Mating Ceremony should be fitting for someone of the position." My head raised a little in pretense of the confidence I didn't have. My heart was beating so fast it hurt and I'm sure they could hear it.

I balled up my fist to hide the trembling that only worsened the longer the silence stretched. They can't make me complete the mating, it's against not only pack law but the law set by the Council. What worried me, was if Robby would want to even be with me after this. Was I being selfish for demanding this? Was it only a big deal to me? It seemed like it.

My mind was made up though. I'm tired of being pushed to the side and ignored by my pack. I want them all to see me, to have no other choice but to acknowledge me. Not just as the pack runt but now their future Luna.

I know they're really just rushing my Ceremony so Robby will be fully mated at his Inauguration. They wanted a clean switch in power with no challenges against his right to the title. No one considered how I would feel about this though and I'm not surprised.

Setting my resolve, I narrowed my eyes and shot the Alpha one last glare before taking the risk to look up at Robby. The male was smirking, his dark brown eyes smoldering. I didn't understand the look but it made me shiver a little. My face warmed but I kept my glare in place before turning and leaving much like I entered.

Once I was down the hall and far enough that they could no longer hear me, I ran out of the pack house before realization hit and they came for me.

From the look Robby gave me, I felt confident in saying he wouldn't reject me. Not yet at least. He'd have to catch me first and I won't be so easy to get rid of. That I'm sure of.

Calvin was home when I got there and surprisingly his girlfriend was with him. That could be because mom isn't home and has been busy these last few days. Otherwise, the female wouldn't look so comfortable sitting on the couch.

I haven't seen her since my birthday dinner when Calvin decided it was the perfect time to spring such news onto us. Thanks a lot, brother. If I hadn't found my Mate the day after, I would be upset that he ruined my dinner. Lucky for him though, I didn't care.

Trying to seem uninterested, I walked into the living room. I couldn't help but to look at her belly, trying to see how big it was.

Her mean eyes turned to me and I scurried over to dad's recliner.

"What are you doing here?" It wasn't meant to sound rude, I was honestly curious.

"We were talking." Calvin grumbled, his eyes glued to the tv. He's just like dad, he only looks like the males on mom's side of the family.

"About the pup." Carmen clarified, her mean look not lightening any.

"Oh!" I sat up some. "Are you excited? I am! Do you think it'll be a boy or girl?" I had asked Calvin the same thing but I was hoping she'd be more enthusiastic. "I've heard the mother has the best guess. What about names? You know, Toris is cute and unisex." I smiled, hoping she got the hint that the baby should be named after their favorite uncle.

Carmen scoffed, looking over at Calvin to see if I was serious.

"I was thinking for the nursery-

"I think it's time I get home" Carmen said, cutting me off.

Calvin stood with her and my eyes went directly to her slightly protruding belly.

Oh my Goddess, I'm going to be an uncle!

They were preparing to leave when the front door opened and mom came in with arms full of shopping bags. My excitement drained away and in its place was the reminder of my Mating Ceremony. More importantly, what I had done not so long ago. How I had demanded my dream Ceremony and refused to proceed with one I had no say in. To the Alpha no less. Did I want to die? If he wasn't such a good male he could have taken that as a challenge and little Torin would have been no more.

"You pups help me get the rest of the bags out of the car." Mom said before stopping dead in her tracks. Her vivid green eyes narrowed on Carmen who looked a little nervous in the presence of mom. I didn't blame her though. This is my mother we're talking about. Anyone in their right mind should be afraid of her.

I reclined back in dad's chair, waiting to see what would happen as the tension grew.

Mom's eyes lowered to the female's belly and she sighed. "Get the bags out of the car." Was all she said, disappearing further into the house.

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