(Q&Q) almost dot dot dot TOO easy

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It's lunch time at High/Low and Qannen and her friends have had a really amazing morning??? They recount their triumph in foiling the latest plot by the Lows while standing in line at the cafeteria. It's Qannen, then HELLBITCH, then Alessandroid, then Samanthabear:).

They meander slowly along the line, chatting and looking at their screens, following their trays along the automated belt as they select from the different options offered to them. Today's lunch is sponsored by ReLigion, so there's biomorphic smoothies, anti-aging bowls, and a bunch of different ceremonial tonic gels.

"Just, very real," Alessandroid says, "Was that the lamest hostage standoff in history?"

"Probably," Samanthabear:) says.

"Like honestly no offense to our janitorial staff but..." Alessandroid continues.

"Oh no but totally," Qannen says, and then says Yes to adaptogenic electrolyte dust in her smoothie.

"I mean we can get more janitors," Alessandroid continues. "But whatever I'm happy to have ours back. And no one died which is its own kind of,,," she shrugs, unable to find the word she means.

"Seriously did you see the look on their faces when Qannen made like she was going to throw her screen at that one 1st year?" Samanthabear:) says.

"That was so brave!" Alessandroid says, then she says Yes to an heirloom bliss enhancer.

"I mean I wasn't actually going to throw my screen," Qannen says.

"Yeah no but they didn't expect that sh*t. They all ducked and freaked out and then bam. We move in and it's over in like 20 seconds like 🆒."

"I mean we warned them. They knew it was a dumb idea to try to gain control of the detention center, it's one of the most well protected parts of the school."

Samanthabear:) says Yes to a high-vibe accelerant. "I feel like they try this every year and it gets easier and easier to stop them."

"Almost dot dot dot TOO easy ha ha ha." Hellbitch says, in the teeniest tiniest voice imaginable.

Qannen laughs and makes a you-are-the-sweetest-thing-ever face, leaning in for a one-sided hug. "Ilu HELLBITCH."

"ilu too!!!" HELLBITCH says in her teeny tiny voice, allowing Qannen to hug her.

Just before the end of the line they arrive at a server with bright gold hair and gold lightning bolts in her ears. She's using white tongs to place a pure white muffin on everyone's tray.

"Um no thanks?" Qannen says and the server looks at her like *Are you freaking crazy?

"Everyone gets one," the server says. "It's part of-"

"OMG is this part of the new cross promotion? With CleanPattern?" Samanthabear:) asks.

"It's part of that," the server agrees.

Qannen shrugs and then they all have white muffins on their trays and they find a place to sit.

"But really," Alessandroid says, continuing the conversation from an earlier save point. "It's dumb those janitors even got caught up in that, like do you not recognize Highs from Lows, it's literally your job. Don't agree to clean up messes for strange people."

"Well it's like I always say," Qannen says. "A stranger is just a friend you haven't fingered yet."

"I'm. Not sure that's right," Samanthabear:) says.

"I stand by my statement," Qannen says, staring at the pure white muffin on her tray. Everyone in the cafeteria has one, and, like, she gets it. You don't want to have to be like "Oh CleanPattern released the most amazing new product but I missed out b/c I didn't feel like trying something new." But something about it is bugging her.

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