Chapter 24

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A/N: Sorry for the long wait hope you'll forgive me and that this chapter makes up for it. :)

{Sombra's POV}

"So you're telling me that the Sebastian with us... was a fake?"

Venom and Inori we're stunned, Venom a bit less than her. I'm assuming he was feeling a bit suspicious as well about him. I tossed some Hershey's kisses into my mouth. Terrance smiled at my actions and shook his head.

"Yes we've confirmed that." He replied. "I don't know where the real one is but knowing from you guys if that he's strong I think his next step, if he has escaped wherever he is, is to come back to us."

"But how do we know that? We don't know where the real Sebastian is, hell, that decoy could've been the only Sebastian!" Inori spoke in a panic.

"Let's wait a few days." Terrance spoke. "You guys can continue training the pack-" oh yeah I forgot that's why we were here. "Just tell them that Sebastian had leave for something important. I'll still continue the lessons with Sombra. We'll pretend nothing has changed."

"Alright." Venom quickly spoke. "Looks like your taking the reins on this one."

"It's a plan." She breathed out.

"Star you come with me." He turned around and walked out of the room, I jogged after him quickly but not after Inori made a heart and kissy faces to tease me. My face heated up and I ended up smacking her on the arm. We walked in silence, I noticed that he walked slower than usual, taking his time as if he was in a deep thought. I winced when I felt a splitting pain go through my head for a second before going away, leaving a high pitched ringing sound in my ears. I shook my head to get rid of the noise.

"Hey Star. . .how many people do you trust?"

I thought about it.

"Not anyone in the pack that's for sure. I don't know about Inori now, she kinda ratted me out." I let out a small laugh. "But do I trust you and Venom. Why do you ask?"

He hummed in response. "Just wondering." His eyes glanced back at me for a split second. It was fast but I saw his eyes flash red. He mumbled underneath his breath.

"Amare. Defendat. Occidere. Tene tu conserva cor tuum Terrance."

His eyes turned back to normal and he mumbled again. "I know."

I frowned. Wonder what's wrong with him. . .


We walked in a comfortable silence down the sidewalk. The people around us either gave polite smiles or gave distasteful looks at us. . .mostly at me. Yay.

That's when I suddenly started to feel weird. Like a buzzing feeling that made me entire body go weak and my vison hazy. I groaned a bit too loudly and stumbled forward which caught his attention.

"I-im ok." I quickly reassured. He didn't look convinced but looked away anyways.

Black dots then danced across my vision and I stumbled again this time only for Terrance to catch me.

"Are you alright?" He held onto my hips with an alert expression, looking me all over rapidly.

"I'm fine. M-maybe I just need some water that's all." I whispered hoarsely. Was my throat always this dry?

He eyed me warily and let me go. "I get you some when we go in the," He paused. ". . .the store."

"Is it not a store?"

"Y-yes it is it just has a few things that aren't typically sold in everyday places." His voice lowered to a whisper with each word. I stared at him weirdly and he shook his head, grabbing my hand and pulling me into the "store" 3 buildings down. But as soon as I stepped in I squealed and shivered at the sudden coldness, pulling my hand out of his grip.

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