Chapter 1: The Wedding

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It's my brother's wedding today and guess what I'm the bride's maid cause ate Aryan don't have girl best friend so ako nalang daw, to represent for kuya. While the best man manggagaling kay ate's side I don't know if I heard it correctly but his ate's ex daw kuno.

I don't know why kuya let it, his ate's ex what if pigilan nya yung kasal nila? What if hindi pa sya naka move on kay ate? Hays! Subukan nya lang agawin si ate kay kuya I'm gonna punch him straight to his face!

Ate is for kuya only! And beside they already have 4 kids.

I saw ate kanina while she's having her make up and she's so pretty and sexy too! Despite giving birth to twins not so long months ago.

Finally my brother is settling down again after the destiny play with him that lead him to his wife now. I hope it's for good now cause I hate seeing my brother sad. He already takes a lot of pain and he deserve to be happy naman.

Nag tatawag na ng formation ang weddings coordinator na mag form na ng line but my partner which is the best man is no where to be found!

Damn it!

If his still in love to ate then he should decline the invitation! And dami naman gustong mag presinta!

Lumingon ako kay ate to signal her about my concern but I saw her hugging someone. I also saw how she shed a tear while hugging that man. Is that her ex?

Did they still love each other? Lumingon ako kay kuya to see his reaction but his just staring to his bride no reaction at all, or that's what I thought? Hays! Life is complicated!

But I trust ate she's not gonna lie to us for the second time around. And beside I know that they really love each other.

I sorry I'm late, your the brides maid right?

I was pulled out from my deep thought when someone talk to me. He's voice is deep and manly. Is he a DJ?

And when I saw his face! Fuck! His eyes are freaking light brown that felt like shinning when hit by light! His moreno and the built—well his not that macho type but he looks dashing though! Pointed nose and really red lips?

What!? Red lips? Is he wearing a lips stick? Freaking no! That can't be!? I know for sure that his a guy!

Are you wearing a lipstick? Shit! For all the question in the world why a I'm gonna ask him about that!

Huh? He touch his lips? Hindi, mapula ba? Inosenteng tanung nito.

Nevermind! Pagsusungit ko dito, bago humarap sa harap.

May ilang segundo itong tumitig sa akin, siguro nag taka bakit ako biglang nagsungit. But c'mon bigla akong na concious, so I tuck my hair at the back of my right ear.

I'm sorry I'm late medyo na traffic kasi ako eh. By the way I'm Nathan Delfinco. Inabot nito ang kanang kamay sa kanya.


Don't worry I'm harmless. I can guarantee.

I shake hands with him. His hand is so warm and big for me but surprisingly fit. His fingers are also long. Nag gigitara kaya ito?

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