Chapter 18

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"Oh fuck my life..." I say feeling my heart drop down to the floor when Spencer didn't pick up the phone. I can hear Emily apologizing to me over and over but at the same time I can't hear a word she's saying.

It's as if everything around me is out of focus except for the phone that I'm staring at. Not even a second passes when I snap out of my daze and whatever I was feeling is replaced by panic. Just straight panic.

I can feel Spencer's brain coming up with all these different scenarios about why Emily is here and I know she's assuming the worst considering what happen with Madison and Katie.

I quickly snatch the phone up again and dial Spencer's number knowing she has it turned off.

"Ash, you have to calm down."

"Calm down?! You expect me to calm down?" I look at her like she's crazy. I stand up and start pacing my room breathing a little heavy. Great. All I need now is a full-blown panic attack. I stop pacing for a second and face my friend. "You shouldn't picked up the phone! What were you thinking?!" I ask pointing a finger at her.

"Whoa.. ok.." She says calmly getting up as well. "You are not gonna be mad at me for this. We we're both asleep. How was I suppose to know..." Emily trails off.

"Shit..." I collapse back on the bed and close my eyes as I rub my face already feeling a headache.

I felt Emily sit next to me . "Look, she probably just needs time to cool off.." She says trying to reassure me. I felt her hand on my leg and I instantly recoil. "Uhhh... yeah.." Emily says getting up. "I gotta get home and get ready for school. You still want me to pick you up?"

I nodded yes, even though I know I should just say no.

"I'll see you later." My friend says. I can see her thinking about giving me a hug, but deciding against it and awkwardly laughing in the process. "Bye Ashley."


Emily did pick me up for school like she say she would and an uncomfortable car ride later we were at school.

Thank God, I live close to the school.

We're sitting at one of the tables drinking our coffee in silence waiting for the bell to ring or for Katie to show up, whichever happens first..

During this time I've tried to call Spencer and I've had to have left her at least ten messages. I'm about to cross the imaginary pathetic line here soon.

Katie sat down and instantly went off on a rant about homework and whatever else pops into her mind. I'm not really paying attention but I did add a few "mhm's and oh's" here and there. She stops talking and surveys us both. "OK, why are you two being weird?"

Emily and I glanced at each other and she gives me another one of her reassuring smiles as I sigh looking away.

"Did you two have sex or something?" Katie asks us jokingly and I couldn't help but cringe. Her eyes went wide and she was about to say something when Emily cut her off.

"No, we didn't. Stop being crazy."

"So what's the matter?" She questions us seriously this time.

"Ashley and Spencer got into a fight." Emily tells our friend. I don't really feel like talking right now.

"About what?" Katie asks, genuinely surprised. I can't say that I'm not surprised too. Spencer and I never fight... well, there was this one time we almost fought, but I did something sweet to quickly change that.

"You." I tell Katie simply. This Madison and Katie thing is really putting a damper on our relationship. Spencer is acting like I'm the one that slept with Madison.

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