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Zara was softly humming a tune under her breath as she wrote the day's lesson on the blackboard, completely unaware of the silence that had spread over the classroom as her little spectators listened to her humming with keen interest

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Zara was softly humming a tune under her breath as she wrote the day's lesson on the blackboard, completely unaware of the silence that had spread over the classroom as her little spectators listened to her humming with keen interest.

After marking the test papers of yesterday's exams through the faint chit chat of the kids around her, she proceeded towards the blackboard to wipe off the lesson as the class was nearing its end.

She was about to wipe off the blackboard when she heard Rehan cry out hurriedly,

"No mummy wait!"

And the duster fell off her hands.

Because even after five years of marriage, she was yet to become a mom. Her husband, Asher, didn't say anything about it yet his yearning to be a father was quite clear in his eyes as he came to drop her and pick her up from school daily and his gaze landed on the huge sea of little kids running out the school with glee, happy to be set free from their temporary prison.

They had approached the doctors and followed all their advices, from changing their dietary habits to taking several medicines, but it still didn't fetch them any positive result. Lastly, they had left the matter upto their Allah and tried to have Sabrun Jameel. But the feeling of emptiness made its way into their lives time and again. And the society didn't make the matter any easier for the couple's already hurting hearts.

It was a bit difficult for her to be a kindergarten teacher since her students sometimes reminded her of the absence of her own kid in her life, but mostly they filled that absence for her and that's why she couldn't leave the job.

She picked up the fallen duster and slowly turned around towards the little boy, tears glistening in her eyes.

"Wha... What did you say... dear?" She asked softly.

"Oh! I'm so sorry ma'am." The little kid looked a bit scared and embarrassed.

Zara only beckoned the kid towards her.

Rehan took slow steps towards her and when he reached his teacher, she bent down on her knees and took his hands in hers.

Seeing the tears in his favourite teacher's eyes, the innocent boy only apologised more thinking he had upset her somehow.

"Can you... Can you say that again... my child?" Zara requested.

"I'm sorry ma'am." The little kid replied, confused.

Zara gave a small laugh through her tears, "No... what you said before that."

"No mummy wait?"

Zara's heart squeezed a little as she heard the word she'd been dying to hear for the past five years but the one to call her that hadn't arrived in this world yet.



That was all it took for Zara to engage the kid in a tight embrace and she only let go after some time only because she was afraid she'd cut off the poor kid's oxygen supply.

"Can you call me mummy... always?" Zara asked Rehan.

The little boy blinked his round eyes in wonder.

"If only you don't cry..." He replied hesitantly.

Zara's heart melted at his words and she hugged him again.

"I won't."

"Okay mummy."

He kissed her cheek saying that and she kissed him back on both the cheeks before sending him back to his desk.

"Whoever wants to call me mummy from now on is free do to do so. I won't mind at all." Zara announced to her class of tiny tots, smiling through her tears and her little students shared amused glances with each other.

When she told Asher about the day's occurring in the car, he pulled her in a tight embrace.

How much time passed before he let go? They both didn't know.

"Masha Allah. That's... that's really amazing. May Allah SWT fulfill all your wishes, jaan," He sniffled.

The only thing Zara noticed that hinted at his emotional state of mind was his red nose afterwards.

Eventually, some of her kids started calling her Mummy sometimes. And the feeling she got when she heard that word was beyond explanation. However, Rehan always had a special place in her life and in her heart, which only increased when she met his mother in the Parents Teacher Meeting once. Suffice to say, they instantly became good friends.

Slowly and steadily, she started to live more and laugh more. And Asher couldn't have been more happy. It was not that he was not in pain, but he had to hide his suffering from his wife. Seeing her hurting and not being able to do anything about it only increased his pain tenfolds.

After years of struggling, she was finally back to her usual self, the self that he had fallen head over heels for. She was finally his Zara. He was genuinely thankful to His Lord for that.

Zara started spending more time in prayers while only one thought roamed in her mind,

I got someone to call me mummy, even if he isn't my own child. But what about Asher? Who will call him papa?

Days were passing by and the couple was waiting for the day when they would have to go to the hospital only to come back home with the good news they'd all been waiting for.

Their pleas were answered and the couple's trials came to an end, by the Mercy of their Lord, when six months later, during the checkup for an apparent food poisoning they discovered Zara was finally expecting their first baby.

When they held the little bundle of joy for the first time, every pain that they had experienced until that moment vanished and every second of wait and yearning seemed to be worth it.

It only made sense that they named their little princess Rehana.

And who knows, one day, maybe our Rehan and Rehana might have a story of their own?


Written : 26/1/19
Published : 26/1/19

I actually called my teacher mummy when I was in first grade :p

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