Chapter Fifteen

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Chapter Fifteen

Jack and I are pushed roughly onto the deck of the Dauntless. I growl at the man who pushed me. Jack is lead toward the hatch to go below deck. I start to follow when a hand wraps around my arm.

“Isabella.” Daddy greets me. “I hope that your fascination with pirate has ended.” I don’t answer. Daddy turns to a sailor. “Take them to Commodore Norrington's office. I won’t have one of my daughters locked in the brig.” Elizabeth and I are pushed through the door. Behind us the door locks.

“Well this is bloody wonderful.” I sit in a chair, slumping. “Locked in.”

“What is?” Elizabeth asks.

“Tomorrow Norrington with hang Jack, because he ‘must’. Because he has no ‘choice’” I put quotes around must and choice. “And we have no way of freeing Jack.”

“I know.” Elizabeth sits next to me. “It’s not right.”

“Of course it’s not right!” I jump up. Elizabeth notices the bloody spot on my shirt.

“What happened!?” She asks horrified. I look down, bored.

“It’s just a scratch. I’ll be fine.”

“But that’s blood!”

“Beth, I’m fine. I’ve had my fair share of scrapes.”

“But that one . . .”

“Elizabeth!” I kneel before my sister. “I’ll be fine.” Taking a spare handkerchief that was laying around, I dip it in a bowl of water. Lifting my shirt, I clean away the dried blood. Once the wound it clean, I show Elizabeth.

“See. Just a scratch.” That’s all it is. It’s rather deep, but looks like no more that a thin red line.

“You said you’d have other scrapes.” Elizabeth reminds me. “What were they?”

“Well . . .” I rack my brains thinking. “There’s one here.” I trail my finger along my thigh. “That’s an old one. One here.” I touch my upper arm.

“Were these all with a sword?”

“Thankfully yes. If one had been a bullet, I might not be like I am today. I could be missing a few limbs.” I laugh. “Like Jack tells me he once sailed with a man who was missing both of his arms and part of his eye. His name was Larry.”

“Jack told you this?”

“Yes. I don’t know if it’s true, but I’ll take Jack’s word for it.”

“Why?” Elizabeth asks after a few moments of silence.

“Because I trust him.”

The Dauntless arrives in Port Royal early the next morning. Elizabeth and I are awaken from our slumber by Father.

    “Elizabeth. Isabella. Wake up. We must get dressed for the execution today.” At this I bolt upward, glaring at my Father.

    “If you are going to kill Jack, why don’t you kill me too.” Daddy opens his mouth, then closes it. I smirk. No answer. A carriage waits to bring us home. Daddy orders Elizabeth and I to bath and change right away. In my room, two maids rush around preparing my bath. After I step behind the screen and strip off my clothes, I sink into the warm water. It feels heavenly! The maids help me wash my body and hair. Stepping out of the tub, I make the two leave.

    “But miss . . .”

    “No. I’ll be fine. Go!” I make shooing motions with my hands. Once the door is closed, I dive for my travel bag. Rapidly I search through the bag. Everything is still here. Thank god!

Pulling on tight brown pants, and boots, I add a mossy green shirt. The shirt is tight around my waist, falling off my shoulders. Adding a brown leather corset, I feel almost ready. Daddy took my weapons when we got home. I dig through my bag again. I find one pistol and a knife. I guess it’s better than nothing. Sliding the knife into my boot, I strap the pistol around my right thigh. Pulling on a pale blue dress, I fit it around my other clothes. This dress is the newest of my dresses. The neckline has a square shape to it, with sleeves that fall to just below my elbow. Around my waist is a darker blue band. Slipping matching shoes onto my feet, I’m about to start my hair when someone I never thought I would see again bursts through my bedroom door.

    “Penny!” I gasp. “What are you doing here!?"

    “I’m here to help Isabella.” She smiles moving to stand behind me. “What should we do with your hair?”

    “Something simple.” Penny nods, getting to work

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