Height Difference

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-he's like two inches taller and he's proud of it

-he calls you "SHAWTY" cause your "so short I can't even say it right, you're shawt."

-it's really annoying tbh but he's funny and sweet and cute. What're ya gonna do?

- oh honey he's a foot taller than you

-gotta be this tall to ride, and you barely make the mark

-he thinks it's cute how if you wanna do anything to him you gotta go on your tip toes

-you're the same height

-he don't like it and you think it's karma/funny

"I thought girlfriends were supposed to be short!"

-you are literally .03 centimeters taller than him

-you don't care but it is a big problem for him for some reason 😂

-you sometimes tease him just to see what he has to say about it

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